I love all of the weddings I photograph and am always excited to witness the promises a bride and groom make to each other.  But I was literally looking forward to this wedding for more than a year!  Last summer I got to spend some time with Leah and Zach in Mexico at Zach’s sister Maggie’s wedding.  I already knew Leah because I took her senior photos years earlier (and her sister’s too!!!), but you get to know people even better when you are at a resort with them for a week :).  And I just love all of their family and am soooooo happy for them!  Seriously, I think I cried more than once this day :)

I want to give a big thanks to Leigh Miller for shooting this wedding with me as well as my intern Paige for all their help :)  But mostly super big thanks to Zach and Leah for trusting me and being super awesome!  Hugs & Smooches!!!!!

I will start with some of the detail shots taken in Leah’s parents home.  I do love the personalness (is that a word?) of getting ready for your wedding day in your own home or family home :)  Gorgeous dress!!!

ballou-20Leah carried the same handkerchief that her mom carried on her wedding day :)  I also loved that her garters were both jay hawks and royals!  And everyone loves a little captain america :)
ballou-25 I also have photographed SIX of Leah’s bridesmaids and attendants before!!!!!!  It is really awesome watching these young ladies become lovely young women :)ballou-30This moment really shows the importance of having a wedding album, even if you are making it on your own.  On Leah’s wedding day they were reminiscing looking at her parents album.
ballou-45 Awesome job designing everything Arynn Nease!!!ballou-61 ballou-64 The necklaces Zach gave Leah were so pretty and elegant!!!!ballou-100 ballou-122 ballou-129 The wedding day survival kit that Leah gave Zach!  Great idea!!ballou-135 ballou-177 maybe like the 2nd time that day I was teary :)ballou-179 ballou-194 ballou-236 ballou-455 super cuties!!!!ballou-260 I love these moments that Leigh captured of Leah & her dad before she walked down the aisle :)ballou-317 The ceremony was AWESOME and pretty funny too :)  I really loved the slideshow playing before the ceremony of all the great photos of Leah & Zach growing up and engaged and there was even one from Mexico with my daughter in it with them :)  That was a fun surprise!ballou-271 ballou-312 ballou-533 ballou-561 Incredibly fun group!!!!ballou-444 Hello Pretties!ballou-467 ballou-539 :)

ballou-569 some favorites!!!!!!ballou-585 ballou-600 love some good champagne fun!ballou-620 ballou-706 ballou-716 ballou-734 Goodness gracious!!!!!ballou-741 ballou-764 ballou-683 Holy desert table!!!!!  ballou-852 ballou-645 They had a gorgeous reception at Californos!  I love Californo’s ambiance but man is their food good!!!!ballou-655 ballou-853 Now THIS is how you do a cake smashing :)  I love how you two laugh together :)ballou-840 ballou-889 Wowzers!!!!ballou-903 ballou-926 ballou-977 ballou-1025 ballou-1085If you haven’t heard this band, you should!  Dang they are sooooo good!!!!!
ballou-786 ballou-1104 One of my favorite things about Californo’s is the awesome twinkly lights outside!!!!  Gorgeous!!!!ballou-1133 It was so good to see Maggie & Brad again, I had to get them to pose with the twinkly lights too!!!ballou-1136 Leah & Zach’s wedding was filled with lots of fun friends and family and a whole ton of them that I have had the privilege of working with before!  Leah thought it would be fun to do a photo with me and all of the people there that I have photographed before!!!  And this wasn’t even all of them that were there!  Seriously….it was like a big fun reunion!  Love you guys!!!!!!ballou-1174

It is always exciting to get to travel to another city for an engagement or wedding to photograph.  I love exploring and photographing new scenes.  I flew to Chicago where Sarah & Joe both live to photograph their engagement session.  Their wedding will be here in KC this fall.  I always think it is a great idea to have your engagement session in the area where a couple is starting their lives together.  It will be such a wonderful way to remind them of that time no matter where they end up living down the road :)

I had a lot of favorites from this session and a great quick tour of Chicago :)  One of my favorites are under this bridge!  I LOVED this spot :)

sarah-24 sarah-29 sarah-34 LOVE!!!!!sarah-36 Green light!  It’s a go for the wedding 😉sarah-42 sarah-44 sarah-58 When we drove by this amazing church I wanted to photograph, Joe stopped the cab and we hopped out.  It was soooo beautiful!sarah-59 sarah-66And back in another cab to the next location :)
sarah-73 Water, sun, sand and a beautiful view.  This would be my happy spot if I lived there :)sarah-79 sarah-87 sarah-96 Then we headed to Joe’s apartment which had a great view for a glass of wine before dinner and a few rooftop photos :)  Chicago in a glass :)sarah-118b sarah-122 Adorable cabbie photos :)sarah-127

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