What a wonderful day Kimberly & Andrew’s wedding day was!  It was a bit warm as August can be but everyone was in great spirits.  The smiles and laughs were abundant.  I would see Kim’s girls laughing while they practiced their dance intros, the boys laughing at, you know, dude things :)  We had a great time going around Kansas City taking pictures with the bridal party and even took a break from the heat and popped in local pub for a cold drink and more photos :) A big thanks to Jessica Peterson Photography for shooting with me all day and Paige Kime for  helping keep me organized :) I am always amazed at how much detail can be found in wedding dresses.  Kim’s dress was sooooo pretty! tuley-4 tuley-90 Oh gosh, the flowers were so amazing!!!!tuley-83 tuley-74 Thank goodness for tall bridesmaids :)tuley-95 tuley-108 It is always so sweet when a dad sees his little girl in her wedding dress :)tuley-127 Hello cutie little ballerina bride :) tuley-112 tuley-51 tuley-68 I really really love the moments before the bride and groom first see each other on their wedding day, the nervous excitement that grooms have is so endearing.  Andy had me cracking up while waiting for Kim to come around the corner and when he saw her it was such a heartfelt moment.  One of my favorite moments of the day :)tuley-142 tuley-172 tuley-177 tuley-199 tuley-189 tuley-202 tuley-221 tuley-229 The bobsled photos are GREAT!  Good job boys and good job Jessica 😛 tuley-236 tuley-246 tuley-268 tuley-273 tuley-293 tuley-305 One of my favorites :)  I like quirky art :)tuley-320 Goodness lady!  Gorgeous!tuley-389 tuley-398 tuley-408 Andy cracking me up below, imitating one of the engagement photo poses :)tuley-411The Second Presbyterian Church was an amazing beautiful church! tuley-437 tuley-482 tuley-501 tuley-490 tuley-507 tuley-555 tuley-560 tuley-589 After the ceremony we headed out to Shadow Glenn Golf Club for the reception and stopped at an amazing waterfall along the way!!!!tuley-650 And then, luckily after I got great shots :), the sprinklers went off!  Everyone was hightailing it out of there!tuley-656 The reception was beautiful and their signature drink was the Jayhawk!  A little KU love at this wedding :)tuley-623 tuley-685 tuley-703 tuley-717 tuley-799 tuley-833 The anniversary dance and little twirling girls always have a soft spot with me at receptions :)tuley-873 And of course Holly Davidson made sure the day went off without a hitch and looked cute doing it :)tuley-907 lots of fun moments at the reception :)tuley-908 The Jayhawk!!!tuley-927 tuley-928Sometimes a little shutter drag + disco lights can make really really funny affects….like a green light beam shooting out your booty :)  BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!  Sorry dude, had to post :) tuley-1031 Speaking of shutter drag, I love to play with sparklers at the end of the night!  And lucky for me, so do my brides and grooms :)tuley-1080 tuley-1089Congratulations lovebirds :)

Yay!  Their married!!!!!  August 2nd was an amazing day.  Everyone was so joyful.  Catherine is pretty easy going so as I expected she was relaxed and enjoying the beginning of her wedding day with her girls while they all got their hair and makeup done.  The day continued to move flawlessly. And what a party they had at the Kemper Museum of Art!  With Lost Wax playing the dance floor was soooooo packed!

A big thanks to my second photographer, Jessica Peterson, for shooting with me all day and thanks to my intern Paige Kime for all her help :)

I will start with Catherine’s amazing shoes, dress and details :)


Gosh I love the details in her dress!!!!!rapp-15 rapp-45 rapp-82 rapp-86

Hello beautiful bride :)rapp-109 rapp-115 While I was with the girls, Jessica was capturing all the fun and details the guys had going on :)rapp-32 rapp-41 rapp-60Catherine & Andrew’s first time seeing each other on their wedding day was at the Marriott-Plaza.  I love their expressions :)
rapp-133 rapp-142 rapp-165 rapp-178 Awe!  So handsome!!!!rapp-185 rapp-192 rapp-195 Favorites alert!!!!rapp-204 Wow on the flowers!!!!!rapp-217 rapp-251 rapp-261 Catherine had little pendents attached to her bouquet to remind her of their loved ones that have passed.  So sweet :)rapp-269 Another favorite :)rapp-276 rapp-336 Their ceremony was at St. Johns Methodist.  Such an incredibly lovely church!!!!rapp-375 rapp-395 rapp-362 rapp-504 These two.  They are so awesome, kind of love them :)  All smiles and giggles, lol!rapp-522 Sometimes I feel like doing this after the ceremony too :)rapp-576 rapp-399 rapp-586 The reception at the Kemper Museum of Art was so lovely.  I always love shooting there, it is so fresh and vibrant!rapp-592 rapp-596 rapp-682 The speeches are another favorite time of the day.  You never know if you are going to laugh or cry or maybe be a bit shocked, lol!  The speeches were awesome, I felt like crying and then laughing soooooo hard when I saw their expressions :)rapp-706 rapp-716 rapp-745Catherine’s dad had this ginormous wine bottle from Trespass Vineyard to celebrate with and then everyone signed the bottle!!!!  I have never seen this done before and it was super cool!!!!!!
rapp-760 rapp-768 The food is always so pretty at the Kemper :)rapp-774 rapp-788 The cake was super beautiful as well.  I loved the marble effect :)rapp-791 I love it when I just happen to catch a good karate chop in action :)rapp-801 Then the party got started and the dancing didn’t stop!rapp-840 rapp-867 rapp-898 rapp-609 rapp-1068 And anyone who knows me, knows I love some sparkler action!  And lucky for me, so do my brides :)

Congratulations!  Congratulations!!!!!!  Wishing you continued giggles for years to come!rapp-1071

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