I am so excited to share the amazing day that was Kelsey & Steven’s wedding!  The entire day was just so wonderful!  It was one of the first weddings of the year that the sun was shining.  The air had this exciting  electric feeling about it.  All the plans and prep work came together flawlessly-good job Events by Nellie!  I don’t think either Kelsey or Steven had a single worry the whole day!

I will start with Kelsey’s beautiful dress!

ross-32 ross-65 ross-18 I love these photos!  Such lovely ladies!ross-50 ross-60 ross-79 ross-95 ross-113 While I was photographing the girls getting ready, Nate was photographing the boys getting ready for the big day!ross-69 ross-109 I might have taken about a bazillion bride photos!  Seriously, how could I not?  ross-116 ross-117 It was such a sweet moment when Kelsey’s dad saw her in her wedding dress!ross-137 ross-173 ross-149 ross-185 ross-191 I have been kind of digging trying some double exposures lately :)ross-178 Such a handsome groom!ross-195 ross-208 So many favorites, I could pick!ross-222 ross-225 ross-229 Kelsey & Steven are going to have some seriously blue eyed babies some day 😉ross-244 O.M.G!  CUTIE!  Kelsey’s little niece!ross-253 ross-258 ross-266 Right before Kelsey was about to be walking down the aisle I took a few photos in the room by the window.  Some of my favorites of the day!ross-291 The ballroom at The President Hotel is always gorgeous but I have to say that this set up with all the candles might be one of my favorites yet!ross-4 Steven seeing his bride for the first time of the day walking down the aisle to marry him :)  You could really feel all the emotion when Kelsey was walking down the aisle!ross-322 ross-331 ross-335 ross-346 ross-395 ross-397 ross-404 ross-409 Seriously.  These two.  So so happy!ross-415 ross-427 ross-431 Such a fun wedding party!ross-434 ross-444 ross-479 ross-484 ross-500 ross-512 ross-566 Great Great speeches!  Everyone laughed, many cried, and the happiness overflowed!  Top five father of the bride speeches in history :)  Funny, sweet, and classy :)ross-533 ross-658 ross-664 ross-759 The dance floor was full!  So much fun!ross-776 ross-847 They ended the night with a sparkler exit!  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Ross!ross-1013

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