Congratulations Katy & Matt!!!!  I have known Matt for a long time as I took his senior photos and his sisters as well!  I had the pleasure of meeting Katy a few times as Matt’s girl at a few weddings over the years and I was so excited when I saw they were engaged!  I was patiently waiting for an email from Katy….well, ok, not so patiently :)  But I hoped I would and I did, yay me for getting to be the lucky photographer :)  I have been smiling the whole time I have been editing this wedding and getting the blog post ready.  Katy & Matt love to laugh and smile and they make you want to as well!  Plus they are just the cutest! They had the loveliest of weddings at The Bride and The Bauer.  It is such a beautiful space and perfect for a romantic ceremony and fun reception! I will start with Katy’s lovely dress and the awesome bride’s room at The Bride and The Bauer! smith-10 smith-35 smith-65 The guys room is super awesome too!  smith-82 The girls helping Katy into her dress!smith-95 smith-99 Oh my gosh, Katy’s dad is so sweet.  The look on his face when he saw his little girl in her wedding dress!smith-125 I am in love with this photo!!!!!smith-149 smith-153 The lovely ladies were so fun and easy going…..making my job easy :)smith-183 smith-190 smith-200 I just love these two :)smith-193 So I thought this was an awesome idea……until I was almost run over by a bus.  Bus driver wasn’t having it, ha!smith-219 SOOOOO….this was a funny moment.  I love how Matt is trying not to laugh in this photo.  I tried to help show Erin, Matt’s sister how to pin the boutonniere, which I have done about a million times and the flower just POPPED right off!  I had a panicked look on my face and Matt and Erin just starting laughing.  Quick thinking on Matt’s part fixed it right up with a pin.  Whewwwww!  smith-238 smith-242 All the handsome guys!  smith-245 smith-254 They are pretty cute :)smith-249 Had to do it :)smith-292 They did not see each other before the ceremony but did want to be near each other when reading their cards to each other.  It was a pretty sweet moment :)smith-302 smith-303 smith-226 All the loveliness!smith-231 It was such a beautiful ceremony!smith-368 smith-384 smith-409 smith-471 smith-474 smith-496 smith-501 Puffy heart!!!!!smith-508 smith-525 smith-528 Matt may be a bit ornery :)  smith-600 smith-614 smith-609 Sometimes pretty light will make a weird light flare and this one is pretty funny.  I wouldn’t post this if I didn’t know that Matt & Katy will think it is pretty funny too :)  Not photoshopped, that is just how the light hit the camera, ha! smith-638 smith-651The dance party was kicking with DJ Fernando!  He always does an awesome job!smith-733 smith-743Congratulations!!!!!!!!  Smooches!

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