Oh my gosh!  What an incredible wedding to photograph!  First off, I was already super excited to photograph such a beautiful bride with freckles and dimples to die for, second, the day was filled with beautiful moments and crazy fun!

Betsy & Jim started their day getting ready at the Kansas City Country Club, where they were having their reception.  I was ecstatic about the beautiful light pouring in the bridal room.  Crazy awesome photos straight out of the camera :)  All the bridesmaids were so lovely as well-I hope I get to photograph some of their weddings as well :).  Betsy’s robe and her mothers robe were adorned with beautiful lace made by Betsy’s mom!  While I was taking photos of all the girl fun, my second photographer, Nate, was capturing the guys getting ready and smoking cigars…..you know…guy stuff :)

I will start with the girls room :)

leonard-11 leonard-25

I LOVED Betsy’s dress!!!!   So beautiful!!!!  And of course I am a huge Kate Spade wedding shoe fan!leonard-19 leonard-29 How cute are these robes?!?!?!?leonard-85 Dreamy bride in dreamy light!leonard-94 lovely classic florals!  leonard-98 leonard-111 I love that not only did Betsy’s dad have a moment to see her before the groom, so did her brothers :)  It was so fun seeing how much they care for each other.leonard-142 And then Jim got to see his bride!  They were all smiles :)leonard-160 leonard-173 leonard-177 Super favorite!leonard-181 leonard-194 leonard-216 Ha!  I love this look!leonard-232 THIS is how much fun the whole day was :)leonard-263 leonard-270 Another favorite!!!leonard-288 They were married at the Country Club Christian Church on such a beautiful September day!leonard-350 Betsy has a bit of music in her family.  Her brother sang and played the guitar during the ceremony!leonard-388 leonard-235 All the rooms in the country club were so elegant!leonard-62 leonard-72 leonard-537 The reception dancing was outside on the patio.  It was such a nice night to dance under the stars!!!!!  With Kokomo getting the party started!leonard-640 leonard-629 leonard-636 leonard-638 leonard-645 leonard-652 The first great surprise was the flash mob Betsy’s mom arranged!  So sun!!!leonard-762 leonard-737 Followed by a couple of songs her brother was singing.  I love Betsy’s expression here, you can tell how much her brother means to her :)leonard-832 And then a guest of the wedding, Sheryl Crow (YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT-SHERYL CROW!!!!!) sung for everyone! leonard-854 leonard-867Next thing I know, the bride, groom, both mob’s and Sheryl Crow are rocking the stage.  Oh what a party it was!  Dancing, laughing, singing and all around cheering…..all under the stars :)  Thank you so much Betsy & Jim for trusting me with capturing such a special day.  It was my pleasure :)

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