There have been only two things on my mind today, this AMAZING wedding and BASEBALL.  While the two do not necessarily go hand in hand, they are both making my heart race :)  If I wasn’t so distracted about going to watch our Royals tonight I could probably have finished this blog post an hour ago.  I know Katherine & Andrew have a love for our Royals too, so I am sure they understand :) Also, it is taking me some time to try to adequetely convey how truly incredible Katherine & Andrew’s wedding day was.  It was suited perfectly and personally for them and full of musical delight!  I really love their hearts :)  There are so many really special moments that will stick with me and I am sure everyone who witnessed them.  There are some really awesome moments that not everyone was witness to and I am real excited to share those moments with the photos :)  While I really really wish to be a better writer, it is not my talent and I will have to narrate mostly with my photos :) I will start with Katherine’s elegant, timeless wedding dress.

lang-34 lang-37 lang-72 lang-78 The flowers were so beautiful from Good Earth Floral.lang-17 Their first time seeing each other was so endearing.  They gave each other very thought out personal gifts :)lang-89 lang-110 lang-123 Katherine, you were the epitome of style and grace on your wedding day!lang-135 And Andrew was like the fairytale prince!lang-142 lang-146 lang-154 How awesome are the bridesmaids dresses!!!!!!!  AND another favorite part of the wedding for me is that Andrew had his best men and best WOman’s (we decided to call them the entourage!) standing with him this day!lang-215 lang-217 Seriously fun wedding party!!!!!lang-230 Oh gosh how I love this church!  The Central United Methodist Church is such a beautiful church!lang-240 lang-299 How cute is this little guy?!?!?lang-321 And to another one of my FAVORITE details about the day!  Katherine and Andrew had an artist actually painting a painting in the church for them while guests arrived and during the ceremony!!!!!  I haven’t seen that one before!!!!!lang-300 Oh my gosh!  I can hardly get over this!lang-317lang-319 lang-363 The ENTIRE ceremony was another favorite part of the day.  It was so full of music and faith.  The Pastor has known the two of them and they have song in the church and their families as well.  During the service there were many musical moments including the pastor singing a piece from Les Misérables and then surprising the bride and groom with a little piece from The Little Mermaid~Kiss the Girl at the moment they were to kiss!  How cool is that!?!?!?!!?!?!?!??!  And then they danced back down the aisle with the wedding party making some music!lang-367 lang-390 lang-413 Their reception was at Terrace on Grand and was following the theme of the day~classic elegance.lang-423We got there a bit ahead of everyone for them to have a moment in the reception room before everyone saw it and of course get a few photos :) lang-428AWWWWWWW……..twinkly lights!!!!! lang-436 lang-446 Another thing that I have become fond of this past year at weddings is all of the creative wedding hashtags.  A perfect sign of the times!lang-450 One of the amazing things about Terrace on Grand is the wonderful rooftop view.  It was such a great night for the rooftop too!  I am super crazy about the city in the glass shot :)lang-460 If you look really closely there is a helicopter about to land on Andrew’s shoulder, haha!lang-484 lang-490 I like this shot of the manager making sure the table was set up perfectly!lang-525 And Katherine’s little sister Kristen (whose senior photos I took!!!!) helping me out on a light test :)lang-538 lang-540 lang-555 The speeches were awesome and they were even surprised by a little singing flash mob!lang-567 Katherine & Andrew enjoyed their first dance sang by friends so beautifully.lang-602 lang-622 And another favorite moment of the night was Andrew, who is an amazing singer, singing the first part of the song with his mother during their dance!  Half way through he turned it over to the band and finished his dance with his mom :)  I was sooooo excited to here Andrew sing because I heard he was good and even on American Idol!  And he was sooooooo awesome!lang-635 And of course they would have one of the best bands in the city!  LOST WAX!!!!!lang-668 lang-651 It took all of about 30 seconds for the entire dance floor to fill up and it never stopped!  Sometimes wide angel shots can be pretty hilarious-case in sample bottom right :)lang-550 And this photo….this will stick with me as one of my favorites of the night.  And I feel lucky to have witnessed such love :)lang-776 lang-750 lang-739Congratulations Katherine & Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!

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