I am sooooooo excited to share Sarah & Tommy’s wedding with everyone!!!!  It was a spectacular day and evening.  Just the right amount of rain fell for good luck and then the sun popped out for a beautiful and warm day :)  I always love hearing my couples stories of how they got together and the speeches of friends and family about the couple’s lives as I am sure all of the guests do.  But my job is watching closely for actions and reactions and capturing those, which I always feel so lucky to have front row access to those moments.  Sarah and Tommy’s wedding day was so full of amazing happy heartfelt moments that I was on a wedding high for days!!!  Plus being around Sarah is like taking your very own happy pill.  REALLY, she is the kind of girl you just can’t get enough of…….which I think Tommy would agree 😉

I was so excited to be shooting Sarah’s wedding after I took her and both of her sister’s and two of her bridesmaid’s senior photos years ago.  It is super cool to  photograph these young ladies at such important moments in their lives :)

And to make my job really easy,  Sarah & Tommy are practically models. really. like ken&barbie.  GORGEOUS!!!!!  But not just what you see, how they care for everyone around them.  Beautiful human beings :)

I started the day with the girls at the Westin-Crown Center while my second photographer, Nate, started with the guys at Sarah and Tommy’s house.

When I saw Sarah’s dress, I knew it was exactly perfect for her. feminine and classy.

muelleman-16 muelleman-53 meet Sarah’s sisters and mom :)muelleman-97 muelleman-111 muelleman-18 I love these photos of Sarah with her mom and then her dad seeing her in her dress :)muelleman-140 muelleman-155 I love this with Tommy’s dad helping him :)muelleman-115 Seriously?  Really?  Beautiful lady.muelleman-126 Sarah & Tommy did not see each other before the ceremony so it was a really wonderful moment watching them :)muelleman-269 muelleman-270 It was a beautiful ceremony.  I love that the parents are so loving :)muelleman-192 muelleman-415 Hello beautiful ladies :)muelleman-425 Hello handsome gentleman :)muelleman-445 muelleman-447 Good job Haley 😉muelleman-474 muelleman-483 Good job Nate!muelleman-494 muelleman-509 I LOVE this!  Same time, two photographers, different angles :)muelleman-515 muelleman-552 muelleman-597 muelleman-600 Gosh, I kind of adore you two :)muelleman-608 muelleman-614 muelleman-624 So CUTE!!!muelleman-631The reception was at the Gallery and was so beautiful!!!!
muelleman-651 muelleman-699 muelleman-728 The last two shots are from the wonderful video they showed :)muelleman-749 Ok so this is a little bit of love for all of the people that were there that I have known and photographed for years :)   Smooches to you all :)muelleman-707 muelleman-818 muelleman-829 muelleman-850 Sarah’s dad’s speech was really wonderful and he even sang to her :)  I love all of her reactions to the different parts :)muelleman-891 Even Sarah’s aunt had a great speech :)muelleman-905 The first dance was the kick off to the dance party and they were ready to dance :)muelleman-924 muelleman-946 muelleman-935 Possibly my favorite dance photo :)muelleman-1048 The dance floor was AWESOME.muelleman-721 muelleman-1023 Now another highlight of the night……CHINESE LANTERNS!!!  It is a tradition for Sarah’s family to light Chinese lanterns.  So AWESOME!!!muelleman-1098 muelleman-1147Congratulations you love birds!!!!!!


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