Rachel & Evan were married in the middle of November in a gorgeous Church surrounded by very loving and happy friends and family!  It was a crazy windy day but warm enough to take photos all around  the lovely  Mildale Farm, where their reception was!  It was really such a wonderful day :)  But the reception was SOOOOOOPER (not quite sure how to spell the way that sounds in my head :) )  fun!!!!!   I am always excited to shoot at Mildale as the barn is so beautiful and this wedding was no exception, it was perfect :)

I will start with the getting ready photos :)  The wonderful Jolie Artistry was on hand for Rachel’s make up :)  While I was with the girls at the Overland Park Sheraton, Nate was photographing the boys getting ready at their house :)


Rachel’s dress was so perfect for her!spicer-24 spicer-40

awesome socks!
spicer-59 spicer-66

I really love catching the moment when it hits a parent that their little girl is all grown up :)spicer-80 spicer-103 spicer-112


I would love to take credit for this lovely photo, but totally Nate’s shot :)spicer-141 spicer-147 spicer-195 spicer-242 spicer-248

little photo bomber :)


The flowers were incredibly gorgeous!!!!!!!

With all of wind whipping around us, I headed us into the woods to block some wind.  And two wonderful things happened, one being the wind lessening and enabling us to relax a bit  for romantic photos!  And two, I became obsessed with shooting in the woods after all the leaves were gone-something I didn’t realize is really so peaceful and warm :)spicer-423 spicer-436 spicer-453 spicer-464

Oh how the lovely sunset and big puffy clouds made for the perfect setting!spicer-474 spicer-478

This was fun :)spicer-501 spicer-504

These photos were from Rachel & Evan’s engagement session and I was so excited to see them big!  And this framing was so perfect.  I am totally going to mix a bw photo with a natural wood from for my house :)


On to the reception goodies!!!!!!spicer-533

The desert table was AWESOME!!!!  I only tried a cookie but I can still imagine it right now, it was THAT good!!!!spicer-540

Look at thi=ese cuties!  Doesn’t this little lady look like a Mary Kate & Ashley look alike!!!!  And I hope I am not getting this wrong but I am pretty sure these two are twins!spicer-567 spicer-612

Ok, this game the dj did was crazy!  It really showed how awesome Rachel & Evan’s friends and family were!  I was almost taken out by someone trying to win this contest!!!!spicer-699

The dance off to find the final winner was hilarious!  And Evan’s mom won!!!spicer-732 spicer-751

Just so any future brides and grooms reading this know, if your first dance is awesome and you get spun all around the dance floor, you will have a record number of first dance photos :)  :)spicer-780 spicer-837

Nice up!  Bridesmaid win :)spicer-862

Well, this is one time of the day I was really bummed by the wind :(  They had an awesome chinese lantern lighting planned with a ton of lanterns  and the wind was just two strong to let them fly right.  The wedding planner gave it an attempt but in lieu of blowing up or starting fire to someones car, we had to give up on that working.  Boo.  I am dying to shoot one of these :)


But we did have a beautiful moon to sneak out to for some great night-time photos :)



Congratulations!!!!!!  Wishing you  a life time of romance :)

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