Just days before Kathryn packed up and moved to Florida to be with her Navy man, we squeezed in an engagement session!  I loved that they wanted to do a few shots in Greg’s uniform!

I am super gushing over this session and will be even more excited to shoot their wedding next June!

I took Kathryn and her sister’s senior pics so I already knew how photogenic she was!  And together they are a photographer’s dream, cute as heck :)  I have so many faves, it is hard to choose!  So here goes!

Oh yeah, and Kathryn has the longest eyelashes EVER!

Super Love!

Did you know that it takes a lot of concentration to try to make two big bubbles at the same time, lol :)

Ummmmm……can you say beautiful people!

Hope you are getting settled in sunny Florida!!!!!

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  1. Jaffar wrote: nellie83 / One thing more, Anyone could contact the pelope on the site. Her name is Barbara. I'm sure she'd answer anyone's questions and tell them the same things she shared with me. I think it will be fantastic regardless the time! I'm 95% sure I'm going. I don't usually travel to see David, but I have friends and family I haven't seen in years who live there and in Tucson. Vaca time for me with David as an added perk. LOLOL (12/13/15, 12:25 pm)

  2. johnna brynn wrote: these are fantastic, tracy! great work! :) (08/06/10, 12:11 am)

  3. heather morrow wrote: Love these, Tracy! They ARE beautiful, indeed! (08/05/10, 7:59 pm)


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