Elizabeth and James were married at Our Lady of Sorrows on a wonderful warm day in October.  And what a celebration it was!  Even though I was working, all of the fun was so contagious that one couldn’t help themselves from having a blast.  I do always enjoy shooting weddings and this day was no exception.  Seriously, when you see the dance photos, you will see how fun it was!!!  The Webster House was the PERFECT reception venue for Elizabeth & James.  It almost felt like being in a fancy library with a bar and dance floor :)  I loved it :)

A big shout out to my second shooter, Nate Robinson, for helping capture the day with me :)  I will start with the girls getting ready photos :)

devaney-5 devaney-14 devaney-46

Super fun ladies!devaney-56 devaney-78

some sweet sister moments :)devaney-105 devaney-154

Handsome gentlemen!devaney-161 devaney-181

They did not see each other before the ceremony but had a moment to pray together :)


Hello pretty bride!devaney-210 devaney-264 devaney-294

MARRIED!!!!devaney-467 devaney-459



This is the very bridge that James proposed to Elizabeth!


Sweet cuff links!devaney-672

Kind of crazy about the blue glassware at the Webster House!devaney-470devaney-485

I have to plan to have lunch at the webster house!  The food was delicious!!!!devaney-749 devaney-762

The toasts were soooooo awesome!!!!  I loved hearing more about the two of them.  I liked them even more after the toasts if that is possible :)devaney-822 devaney-890

After a few moments of a traditional first dance they busted out some fun moves!!!  This set the tone for the night!  Lots and lots of fun dancing!devaney-900 devaney-1022

They had a lovely sparkler exit!devaney-1248

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