Yes, for nearly 8 years now!!!   Haha!  My husband’s name is Aaron, so it was super cool photographing another Tracy & Aaron duo!  My first time photographing a wedding with a lovely bride named Tracy!  It was kind of funny saying my own name all day plus I would look every time someone would call on Tracy, lol!

But this wasn’t my first or even my second time photographing this young lady :)  I had the honor of photographing her for her senior photos, in her sister’s wedding, her engagement session and then her and Aaron’s wonderful wedding!  And let me say what a wonderful, elegant and endearing lady she is :)  One thing I loved about photographing the two of them is that when they are together they are at ease~it is as if there is no one else is on the planet but the two of them.

They had there ceremony & reception at The Berg, which is a super cool venue to photograph!!!!  And they were married the same weekend in May that it actually snowed!!!  But luckily no snow during our photo time :)

A big thank you to my associate photographer Nate Robinson for helping me capture Tracy & Aaron’s wedding day :)

I loved Tracy’s dress and her Toms!  I would have totally worn Tom’s to my wedding if I would had them when I got married!  I hate to have sore feet :)





Sister love makes my heart happy :)


Seriously, just beautiful.tracy-57


How awesome are the orange polka dot bow ties?  WAY AWESOME!!!!!!


This is a moment that always gets to me and this was no exception.  When Tracy saw Aaron she picked up her step a bit to hurry to him :)  I was not sure whether to laugh or cry it was so awesome!tracy-115 tracy-142 tracy-188

This is hilarious!  We were having fun with some animated photos :)tracy-209

love it!  Aaron has so many awesome expressions!  And Tracy is so cute when she wrinkles her nose :)tracy-214 tracy-227 tracy-248 tracy-255 tracy-286 tracy-216 tracy-269

This is how fun they are :)


And if I didn’t mention how awesome her sister Megan and brother-in-law John are~ well they are awesome :)


It was so fun to photograph all of the details of their wedding, the color pallet itself was enough to make me happy!  Awesome job by Shana Vaughn Designs!tracy-438

how cute is this little lady?tracy-413


During the ceremony Megan and John sung the sweetest little song :)  It was lovely :)dennis1tracy-501

And for my photo obsession of cake balls-here it is!  Let me tell you it is really hard to look at lots of photos of cake balls and not have any on hand.  While editing, all I could think about is cake balls!!!!!!!


After the ceremony Tracy & Aaron changed from white to black!  Fun reception change!!!!tracy-570

Catering by Jack Stack!  Best dang shrimp I have ever had!!!!!!tracy-544 tracy-588 tracy-635 tracy-651

And the party got started :)  Super fun crowd!tracy-751

I was so excited to have a little photo fun in the courtyard at The Berg!  I love the hanging lights!!!!tracy-853

Congratulations Tracy & Aaron!  I was so happy to be there to photograph your wedding day!!!!!

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  2. Alisha Galbraith wrote: Those bow ties! Too fancy!! ;) love the dancing (06/17/13, 9:27 am)


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