I was already excited for Kendra and Spencer’s wedding day because she  has such a sweet, kind demeanor and I knew it would be a stress free day.  It is just not in her nature, or Spencer’s for that matter.   And I was excited to be taking the girls getting ready pictures at Kendra’s parents house.  Everyone was perfectly comfortable and it was personal :)  But what I didn’t know was how amazing all of the details and decorations of the day were going to be!  I was going crazy photographing all of the beautiful details!

While I met with the girls in the morning, I had no worries that my associate Nate would have a great time photographing Spencer and the boys getting ready downtown!  We all met at a fun little spot for Kendra and Spencer to first see each other on their wedding day and it was a sweet, beautiful moment to get their big day started :)

They were married at the Church of Resutrection in Leawood with their reception at Californos!   Jillian, the owner of The Vintage Petal, did an amazing job with all of the flowers!  The reception was just incredible!  Literally I could have taken a million shots of the flowers and decorations!!  One of my favorite things was the ladder that hung above the bridal table with the beautiful glass and candles tied to it!  Oh, well two super faves!  The popcorn bar!!!!!  I am kicking myself for not trying the popcorn with dill pickle sprinkled on it.  Just kicking myself while editing all of the popcorn table photos :)

On to the photos for the story :)

The invitations were soooooooo awesome!!!

I so love the pink belt added to Kendra’s dress, it was so pretty!!

another favorite detail was the awesome gift bag that went to some of out of town guests, what a cool kansas city tribute!

After Kendra’s mom and dad saw there baby girl in her wedding dress, there were a few tears shed :)

The boys getting ready!!

fun socks!!!

And the first look!  My angle and Nate’s!

all the pretty girls!!!

this shot Nate got of me taking a photo from the trolley cracks me up!

Dang!  Kendra’s eyes are mesmerizing!

I am insane over this!!!  Love the clouds and dynamics of this photo :)


so sweet!!!

And we were off to the ceremony!!!

Reception time!!!!

Spencer sang the first part of their first dance song to Kendra!!!

Ha!  Love the Thriller dancing!!!

Congratulations!!!  Wishing you both a lifetime of sweet moments!!!!

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  1. tracy wrote: Thanks Charlene! Thanks Emily! (10/16/12, 11:41 pm)

  2. Charlene Chavez wrote: Tracy, I love, love, love your images!!!! (10/16/12, 11:35 pm)

  3. Emily wrote: i absolutely LOVE the photo with the reflection. Gorg!!! (10/10/12, 11:22 am)


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