What a wonderful day Katie and Kyle’s wedding was!  Even though it was suppose to rain all day, we only got enough for good luck 😉  When it was time to get on the trolley and hop around town for some fun photos the rain stopped long enough for us to rock out the photos in the beautiful Kaufmann Gardens!

They started the day at one of my favorite hotels on the plaza, the Intercontinental where they all got ready for the big day only 2 floors apart :)  I knew I would have a fun time with Katie and her girls because Katie is super fun and I knew her friends would be too!

Of course the reception was amazing!  All I have to say is two things : Kemper Contemporary Museum of Art & Michael Beers Band!  Crazy awesome!!!

I want to add a thank you to my associate photographer, Nate Robinson, for all the hard work and great shots of the day too!

I absolutely loved photographing all of the moments, expressions and emotions that were happening on this day.  I loved photographing Katie and Kyle’s different smiles of the day.  Kyle would smile with his eyes when he first saw Katie in her dress and give her such warm embraces.  I love that when Katie is really smiling that her nose crinkles and her eyes glitter a bit trying to hold back happy tears.  And I love that she didn’t always hold them back and truly enjoyed all of the emotions of the day :)  And Katie’s sense of humor is pretty awesome.  I am still giggling thinking about different moments of the day!  I witnessed so many laughs, smiles and tears on this day, it was obvious how truly amazing their marriage will be.

I will start with some dress love…..well because this dress was sooooooo lovely!!!!!!

and I have to admit that I was a bit obsessed about these awesome robes Katie gave to her bridesmaids!  I kind of wanted to be a bridesmaid because of the awesome robes, lol!!!!

more fun gifts!

The boys getting ready!!!

And when I am at the Intercontinental, I just can’t NOT do a balcony shot!!!!

Katie looks so regal here!  And Hello, check out the arms!  All of a sudden the song I Work Out just popped in my head!!!

And now they get to see each other!!!  Total tear moment :)

A little elevator fun before the trolley 😉

Hello pretty girls!!!

and handsome boys!!

Definitely fun group!

Holy Schmoly Katie!!!!!

and BAM!  one of my faves!!!

Handsome groom!!!

And here comes the bride….giggling 😉

This is….happy :)

I love this shot of Katie and Kyle before starting their reception, just having a moment to themselves :)

The cake had two cutie little pups on it that look like Katie and Kyle’s doggies!  So awesome!!!  Here is a little puppy love from their engagement session!!!

Also, how awesome is the grooms cake?  Kyle is quite the fisherman, traveling around the world fishing, so the cake is perfect!!!!

I always LOVE the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art’s reflective floors :)

and then the reception was kicking!!!!!  Everyone was having so much fun dancing to The Michael Beers Band!!!!

Congratulations Katie & Kyle!!!  Smooches!!!!!

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  3. dana mullin wrote: Stunning pictures Tracy, seriously! I do not know the Bride and Groom but they must be elated!! Wow!!!! Wish I could see moreeeee :) (09/13/12, 2:29 pm)


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