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What a wonderful May wedding Lindsay & Wayne had at the Hawthorne House!  I always feel a little Southern Charm vibe from the Hawthorne House.  It really topped it off with the most amazing pink florals everywhere.  The ceremony and reception area was so beautiful!

There were a lot of fun things to photograph throughout the day for sure!  From Lindsay’s wedding dress having  a pink layer and her bridesmaids wearing a unique off-white to Lindsay & Wayne’s puppy dog walking down the aisle with a beautiful floral collar to a surprise appearance by KC Wolf which then lead to a surprise proposal!  So many fun things to photograph up until the end with a glow stick send off!!!!

A big shout out to my second shooter Christine May and my assistant Paige Kime for all their help and awesomeness :)  And thank you to Lisa Forbes from Simple Elegance for making the day run smoothly :)

Such beautiful shoes and pink dress!!!!!!

morris-129 Their invitation was so awesome!  It was a map telling about all the places their love story took place!morris-20 morris-25 morris-38 morris-51 morris-58 morris-114 Such a sweet first look!morris-138 morris-134 Lovely ladies!!!morris-158 morris-172 morris-173 morris-176 morris-209 Someone forgot their Yeti!!!!  ;Pmorris-220 morris-278 morris-280 One of my favorites!morris-285 morris-294 morris-312 Another favorite!morris-322 morris-325 morris-338 Love!!!!morris-339 morris-344 morris-352 morris-366 morris-382 morris-391 morris-395 Ooooooh laaaa laaaa!!!!morris-413 morris-419 Grandparents are awesome!!!!!!morris-430 Hello cuties!!!!!morris-441 morris-477 morris-488 Gosh what a pretty ceremony!!!!!!morris-528 morris-531 morris-663 Could their pup be any cuter?morris-428 morris-433 morris-68 morris-678 morris-707 morris-717 morris-757 morris-789 Instead of Lindsay tossing her bouquet, she handed it to her soon to be sister-in-law!!!!!  And then the proposal happened!!!!!  My first proposal to photograph!  It was sooooooo awesome!!!!morris-874 morris-885 morris-883 morris-825Oh how I love these nighttime shots!!!!!!   Congratulations Lindsay & Wayne!!!!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!!!!

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