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What a wonderful May wedding Lindsay & Wayne had at the Hawthorne House!  I always feel a little Southern Charm vibe from the Hawthorne House.  It really topped it off with the most amazing pink florals everywhere.  The ceremony and reception area was so beautiful!

There were a lot of fun things to photograph throughout the day for sure!  From Lindsay’s wedding dress having  a pink layer and her bridesmaids wearing a unique off-white to Lindsay & Wayne’s puppy dog walking down the aisle with a beautiful floral collar to a surprise appearance by KC Wolf which then lead to a surprise proposal!  So many fun things to photograph up until the end with a glow stick send off!!!!

A big shout out to my second shooter Christine May and my assistant Paige Kime for all their help and awesomeness :)  And thank you to Lisa Forbes from Simple Elegance for making the day run smoothly :)

Such beautiful shoes and pink dress!!!!!!

morris-129 Their invitation was so awesome!  It was a map telling about all the places their love story took place!morris-20 morris-25 morris-38 morris-51 morris-58 morris-114 Such a sweet first look!morris-138 morris-134 Lovely ladies!!!morris-158 morris-172 morris-173 morris-176 morris-209 Someone forgot their Yeti!!!!  ;Pmorris-220 morris-278 morris-280 One of my favorites!morris-285 morris-294 morris-312 Another favorite!morris-322 morris-325 morris-338 Love!!!!morris-339 morris-344 morris-352 morris-366 morris-382 morris-391 morris-395 Ooooooh laaaa laaaa!!!!morris-413 morris-419 Grandparents are awesome!!!!!!morris-430 Hello cuties!!!!!morris-441 morris-477 morris-488 Gosh what a pretty ceremony!!!!!!morris-528 morris-531 morris-663 Could their pup be any cuter?morris-428 morris-433 morris-68 morris-678 morris-707 morris-717 morris-757 morris-789 Instead of Lindsay tossing her bouquet, she handed it to her soon to be sister-in-law!!!!!  And then the proposal happened!!!!!  My first proposal to photograph!  It was sooooooo awesome!!!!morris-874 morris-885 morris-883 morris-825Oh how I love these nighttime shots!!!!!!   Congratulations Lindsay & Wayne!!!!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness!!!!!

I have to start out by saying how happy I was to be shooting Abby & Jared’s wedding.  Abby is just the sweetest gal ever and I adore her and her family :)  I took Abby’s senior photos, and her little brother and sisters!   It is so fun when I get to see a wonderful young lady as she is graduating high school ready to conquer the world as a beautiful young woman on her wedding day.

Everything was just perfect on Abby & Jared’s wedding day.  They had a lovely ceremony at the Brass on Baltimore in the beautiful lobby and then moved everyone to the rooftop for the reception.  It was great weather for everyone to enjoy a sunset on the balcony overlooking the city!

I knew everything would go perfectly with the help of Nellie from Events by Nellie.   All of the vendors were great!  I had great help with my second shooter Mike Tsai and my assistant Paige Kime, Olive Media were not only great videographers but great help with anything needed and we all had Lost Wax as the band to look forward to at the reception!

Pretty Jimmy Choos!!!
Such sweet moments with the moms <3
While I was photographing the girls getting ready, Mike was photographing the handsome groom and his guys getting prepped for the day!
I just couldn’t stop photographing Abby & Jared’s adorable nieces :)  Super cuties!

Stunning bride.  Simply stunning.  And wow on the dress!!!!

Abby’s something blue!

Man, not going to lie.  I shed a few tears when Abby’s dad saw her in her wedding dress :)  It is so easy to see the example that Abby’s parents have shown for their children by their kindness and love to each other and their family and friends.

Then Jared got to see his bride.  They were so happy!!!!
They were all getting ready at Alladin hotel so we took advantage of the surroundings for a few photos :)
I loved the colors of this wedding!

Love the bow tie!!!!

One of my favorites!

Such a fun wedding party!

Another favorite!!!

Shana Vaughn Designs did a great job on the flowers!!!!

More favorites!

I love seeing the other angles of my second shooter while I am shooting :)


Beautiful ceremony!!!!

And they are married!!!!
How adorable are they?


The super delicious cake was by Adorn Cakes.  And I just can’t get over the color scheme!  Pinks, golds, corals accented with turquoise!
Love her parents <3
Love these peeps too!  I snagged a selfie with the handsome Mr. Kremer while his lovely wife Lisa was rocking the dance floor 😉
Video and photo team photo :)  Photo credit to my assistant Paige :)



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