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It was another rainy day in May, but I wasn’t a bit worried about Kelly being stressed.  Even though they planned to be married outside at the gazebo, Hawthorne house has a great little church as a back up plan.  They were going to still try to get married on the lawn but it was  quite soggy from all the rain.  But we had little breaks in the rain for photos and everything was SO GREEN! Kelly & Ryan’s wedding was so pretty with the purples and little touches of gold.  My favorite touch of gold was Kelly’s eyes!  She wore a bit of gold glitter eye makeup which was so pretty!!!!!  There were so many fun moments and special touches throughout the day! Oh!  Look for the cicada photo below!  This was during the 17 year cicada  appearances! trimble-35 trimble-1 trimble-8 I loved the belt on Kelly’s dress.  The perfect added touch!trimble-18 trimble-60 Such a sweet moment with her dad!trimble-98 Hello lovely!trimble-72 While I was hanging with the girls, Nate was shooting the boys getting ready!trimble-38 trimble-112 I always feel like I am in the South when photographing at Hawthorne House!trimble-124 I spied this really pretty area with a lot of greenery and great trees and a little platform and was so excited that Kelly & Ryan didnt mind trekking through a bit of dirt to get there.  However if Kelly had known about the loads of cicada’s surrounding the area, she may have changed her mind.  Thank goodness we did, they are some of my favorite shots of the day!trimble-139 trimble-142 LOVE!trimble-149 The purple against the green on a cloudy day was super awesome!trimble-170 trimble-88 trimble-179 trimble-196 trimble-202 trimble-221 Everyone was having fun :)trimble-224 trimble-235 Super love!trimble-243 A little tilt shift fun!trimble-250 trimble-257 I love Nate’s reflection shot here!  trimble-201 trimble-263 trimble-208 trimble-212 trimble-215 And just about the time for the ceremony it started raining again.  Good thing they moved the ceremony to the church :)trimble-310 Nate always rocks the ring shots :)trimble-332 trimble-339 trimble-369 trimble-389 trimble-413 trimble-6 trimble-474 The speeches were awesome.  Everyone laughed and some cried :)  An interested thing about Ryan’s best man is that he was filling in for Ryan’s brother who couldn’t be there.  As it turned out, he was playing in the College World Series!  So the best man made a photo of Ryan’s brother in his baseball gear and put it on a stick so he was represented :)  And they all danced with his “brother” all night long :)trimble-492 trimble-508 trimble-463 trimble-540 The dance party was awesome!  Everyone was ready for some serious dancing and the music was great-Elite Sounds was rocking it!trimble-566 trimble-584 trimble-688 trimble-713 trimble-680 trimble-602   Congratulations Kelly & Ryan!!!!!!!

Miss Janet Murguia & Mauro Morales were married in Kansas City at  the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception with their reception following at the downtown Marriott.  Janet & Mauro live in Washington D.C. and I just first met them on their wedding day.  It was a great celebration filled with lots of happiness and of course a bit of  rain :)

I will start with Janet’s beautiful dress and Mandy McKenna  doing Janet’s makeup!

morales-4 morales-24 morales-37 morales-53
morales-60 morales-8 morales-14 We could view the church from the Marriott.morales-31 morales-77 morales-75Mauro looks so happy to see his bride!
morales-105 morales-114 morales-130 morales-134 morales-166 morales-193 morales-206During the ceremony it started to rain.  I think it rained a bit on every Saturday in May!
morales-243 morales-248 morales-252 morales-261 A little tequila toast!morales-266 The reception was beautiful!  And the pretty flower shot is courtesy of my lovely assistant Megan :)morales-277 One of my favorite parts of the night is when Janet and Mauro were welcomed into their reception with a Mariachi Band!

morales-292 morales-295 morales-309 Eating dinner serenaded by a Mariachi Band is a pretty great way to enjoy your wedding dinner!morales-325 morales-362 morales-380 morales-395 morales-454 morales-564


Congratulations Mauro & Janet!  Thank you for choosing me to document such a joyous evening!

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