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If I were to describe with one word what I think about Caitlin & Patrick’s love, it would be….intense.  There are tons of other words that would also describe them, but at the end of their wedding  night that is the word that came to mind for me after watching them hold each other’s eyes while the world spun around them.

It was a hot June day for Caitlin & Patrick’s wedding but really no one seemed a bit concerned.  All the love and focus of the day was for the bride and groom.  All their friends and family were so joyful.  I also love that they chose to get ready for their big day in their home and parents home.  I love to take photos in areas that mean something special to the couple :)

I will start with Caitlin’s dress hanging with family photos from the years framed on the wall behind it.  Couldn’t be more perfect.  I can’t even imagine seeing my daughter’s wedding dress hanging in front of all the photos of her beautiful 8 year old smile right now.  Making wedding blogs makes me teary 😉

flynn-wed-10 flynn-wed-35 I really love photographing mimosas!  It is always a celebration.flynn-wed-21 While I was photographing the girls getting ready, Nate was capturing the guys getting ready for the big day :)flynn-wed-45 Oh yeah, I love their dog :)flynn-wed-55 Hello pretty ladies… the most amazing green painted room ever. :)flynn-wed-61 flynn-wed-88 flynn-wed-114 The first time Pat saw Caitlin on their wedding day in her dress was at her parents house be the pool!!!!!flynn-wed-131 flynn-wed-150 flynn-wed-152 flynn-wed-156 Then we went to the west bottoms for some fun color and texture in our photos!flynn-wed-160 The bridesmaids dresses were so pretty!!  Love the pink!flynn-wed-168 Hi cuties :)flynn-wed-208 flynn-wed-181 I love the fun shot Nate got of the guys while I was photographing the ladies :)flynn-wed-218 Really?  I was dying of excitement!!!!!!!!!!!!flynn-2 flynn-wed-275 flynn-wed-285 There were some intensely awesome clouds that day and I was going to take full photo advantage :)flynn-wed-291 flynn-1 flynn-wed-301 flynn-wed-311 flynn-wed-361 flynn-wed-397 flynn-wed-402 flynn-wed-482 What a fun surprise for the bride and groom!  They had no idea that a fancy car was picking them up!!!!flynn-wed-495 flynn-wed-467 Ha!  I love the look the ring bearer was giving me here!flynn-wed-731 flynn-wed-607 flynn-wed-610 Caitlin’s mom and her friends surprised her with a flash mob with the Marry You song!  It was so awesome!!!!flynn-wed-661 flynn-wed-689 Let me tell you, the bride and groom’s friends may normally be the first to really rock the dance floor, but it was there parents showing the kids how to do it this night :)  The dance floor was really shaking :)flynn-wed-806Congratulations!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to Lindsay & Michael and their wonderful families joining!  It was truly a wonderful day!  I have been shooting some amazing couples and weddings this summer and am constantly asked if I only shoot super models and incredibly beautiful couples…….well…….yes :)  I happen to think that a woman is her most beautiful on her wedding day (and when she becomes a mama) as well as the groom his most handsome because they are happy and full of love :)  Kind of sappy but true.  I also do happen to have super cutie brides and grooms on any day of the week :)   I might have taken 2 million bridal portraits of Lindsay 😎

I will start with Lindsay’s dress because O.M.G.!!  It was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!

badalucco-17 I really think Kate Spade wedding shoes are my favorite !!  Always feminine and beautiful!badalucco-26 Lindsay wore her Grandmother’s ring as well as her own :)badalucco-38 Best hair EVA!!!!!!badalucco-77 badalucco-115 badalucco-131 While I was photographing the girls, my second photographer Lisa  was photographing the boys getting ready at Michael’s parents house :)badalucco-79 badalucco-95 There were some cutie kiddos for sure!!!badalucco-147 And they ALL ran down aisle!badalucco-214 badalucco-230b badalucco-250 Seriously?  Love!!!!!!badalucco-370 badalucco-403 BeeeYouTooFul ladies!!!!!!!!!!badalucco-408 badalucco-76 badalucco-450 badalucco-458 badalucco-474 badalucco-484 badalucco-487 badalucco-552 badalucco-486 badalucco-555 badalucco-644 The reception was at The Intercontinental and was decorated so beautifully.  The cake was amazeballs!  And there were a million beautiful Italian cookies!!!!  Yummmmmm!!!!!badalucco-607 badalucco-669 The speeches made everyone laugh and even some cry :)badalucco-745 badalucco-836 badalucco-856 badalucco-894Congratulations!!!!!!!!!  Wishing you a lifetime of big smooshy kisses together!!!!!


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