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Luke & Lauren’s wedding was the first time I have been to Baldwin City, KS.  I really enjoyed the small town and country roots.  I graduated from a small country town, Savannah, MO and Baldwin City very much reminded me of that.  Driving through the town with big open fields, small country roads and cattle out your window were all nice but my favorite thing about the country is the stars at night :)

If I were to imagine the most beautiful country wedding in my head it would look like Lauren & Luke’s wedding at Stony Point in Baldwin City, KS.  The flowers were soft and lovely and the tables were all decorated with a beautiful country vintage feel to them.  A couple of my favorites on the tables were a jar of buttons and a cast iron skillet :)

Luke and Lauren are so wonderful, happy, family orientated and real.  I know everyone is “real”  but if you know them, you would know what I mean 😉  Good folk :)  And of course a dream to photograph :)  On to the photos!!!!

Also a big thank you to Melissa, my second shooter for the day!






Their first time seeing each other was sooooo sweet :)


One of my favorites!!!!!brazzle-176


Hello lovely lady!!!!!brazzle-230





Another super favorite! I sure hope they didn’t have chigger bites after this!  I totally did!brazzle-288 brazzle-558 brazzle-108

Seriously, I loved the mason jars with the keys and names as everyones drinking glass and favor for the night!  I took a million photos of the them :)brazzle-267

So beautiful in the entry way to Stony Point!!brazzle-150

It is always so sweet when I catch a tear in the bride’s mom’s eyes.brazzle-481

There is so much about this photo that I like :)brazzle-432


This little lady made me smile all day :)brazzle-380

Downtown Baldwin City!brazzle-577

Then we went around Baker University for a few photos, what a beautiful campus!brazzle-641 brazzle-392 brazzle-41

pretty awesome coozies!!!!brazzle-400

The grooms cakes!brazzle-47


I had to get Lauren in this field with the wicked cool skies one more time during the reception!!!!brazzle-804 brazzle-809


Oh how I love sparkler photos!brazzle-917

Now THIS is one of my favorite sparkler photos ever :)  What a super cool name to say!  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brazzle!!!!!!!!!brazzle-931

What a wonderful way to celebrate two people joining their lives and families together by spending the week in the Riviera Maya, Mexico at the Marina El Cid!  This blog post will be like 3 posts in one!  Not only will this be a wedding day post but a fun morning session with Maggie and Brad on the beach after the wedding and a few fun photos I took while there for the week with my family :)

While I have had the great opportunity to photograph some amazing weddings around the country, this was my first out of county wedding!!!!  And it was SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!  Maggie & Brad and their family and friends were also so welcoming to my family that it made it even more wonderful :)   Of course if you have ever met my daughter you might know that she is a bit ornery and loves to photo bomb :)

I will start with a few photos that I took while on a little exploring trip around the resort with my daughter!  We love to go exploring :)braggie-2

Just about everyday we looked for the El Cid crocodile and iguanas!braggie-50 braggie-10




I had my camera poolside the first day we were there and my daughter introduced herself via photo bombing :) Cutest photo bomber ever :)


On the friday before the wedding, Maggie & Brad invited all of their guests out for a catamaran/snorkeling cruise and were so nice to invite my family as well :)  It was super fun (minus me getting sea sick, ha!).  But I swam right next to a big sea turtle which makes the throwing up worth it 😉  I was able to take a few photos for fun before that though :)  Cutie sister shot below!braggie-67

See, it was bumpy :)braggie-77

Another super fun thing about this wedding party was that one of my former bride and groom, Heather & Bo were there and one of my former seniors!!!!  Heather and Stephanie were  bridesmaids :)  I also included a photo of the super cute german boy who was crewing the boat and the super cute dude cuddling my little girl, my son :)


Then on to the spa the next morning to start off the wedding day!!!!!braggie-120


There was so much love, happiness and emotion throughout the day!

Yay for mimosas!  Well…oj for the little ladies :)braggie-159

The handsome boys having a bit of lunch before they got ready :)braggie-129

Maggie & Brad’s save the date passports and their invitations were so cool!!!!!

Somewhere close to this moment, Maggie’s sister Chloe started crying and couldn’t hardly stop, lol!  It was so adorable!braggie-162

The view from their room was amazing :)braggie-164

Laughter and tears!  Love!
braggie-206 braggie-214 braggie-235 braggie-261

I loved the guys suits!   Perfect for the beach :)braggie-188

Maggie & Brad saw each other for the first time on their wedding day with a little crowd on the balcony to witness the wonderful moment :)braggie-269 braggie-287 braggie-290

Gosh, I loved this spot!  And Maggie was a perfectly beautiful bride!braggie-305 braggie-300 braggie-318 braggie-335

Also loved this spot :)  Yes, the location scouting around the resort was prettttttttty fun!!!!braggie-338 braggie-351



braggie-385 braggie-403

Gosh, I just HATE it when I have palm trees and an ocean in my photos.  Said by no photographer ever :)braggie-415

Boys getting pumped up before the ceremony, lol!


Oh man, the reception had stringy lights on top of everything else!  Hello heaven!!!braggie-436

What a perfect ceremony on the jetty!  My son was assisting me during the ceremony and I put a camera in his hands for a few shots!  Not bad!braggie-467 braggie-485

Seriously, the singing during the ceremony was so beautiful!!!!braggie-510 braggie-491

Working in flip flops was pretty nice :)  And barefoot in the sand for the reception!braggie-538

More sister crying :)braggie-539

Pretty awesome group !!!!!braggie-553

Lol, a little fun photo bombing :)braggie-606

AND…….Drumroll please!!!!!  Leah & Zach getting married next July and I get to be the photographer!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yay!  I get to hang with the fam again :)braggie-612





The best man and the maid of honor may have been a bit nervous before the speeches.  Anyone who is still wondering what happened on the paddle boat…….this may explain why we will never know :)    :)    :)braggie-739

The moon over the ocean was incredible.  When I saw it, I thought what a way to end a fairy tale wedding!braggie-709 braggie-754 braggie-774

Boy did the party get kicking!  It was a full fun dancing night!!!!  UNO MAS!  UNO MAS!braggie-829 braggie-991 braggie-976


So, we are in Mexico and we have a wedding dress…….let’s see….hmmmm…..yes…we MUST get in the ocean!  Yes!  A lovely little morning sunrise session a couple of days after the wedding :)
beach-45b beach-26 beach-23


Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Cardonell!!  Thank you for trusting me to photograph your forever memories and for being just the nicest most caring people ever!  You are going to be everyone’s favorite Dr’s!!!!

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