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While I was going through all of Becca & Adam’s photos of the day deciding what to put on the blog to tell their wedding day story in 30-40ish images, I was drawn in by the secret smiles and looks.  I say secret because while I could see emotions in those looks at each other and little smiles they would give each other in certain moments, they weren’t meant for me or anyone around them.  They were meant for Adam’s bride and Becca’s groom.  In those looks and smiles it seemed as though everything around them disappeared and left them alone in their own private moment.  I feel privileged to have captured some of those moments they will have for the rest of there lives and no doubt their children will someday look at these photos and know how in love they are in the photos.

This was also my first time photographing a wedding at 28 event space and I have to say it is one of my new favorite spaces!!!!  I am a sucker for dreamy twinkle lights and there were plenty of them!!  And a pool table and an awesome place to get ready and even stay before or after the wedding!  How awesome would it be to have a little suite to stay in after your wedding night or have a slumber party with all your girls the night before!!!!!!

And a big think you to Amber for assisting me and keeping me organized :)

Did I mention how amazing the flowers were from Beco Flowers!  BEAUTIFUL!!!

If you have ever had a photoshoot with me, you might know that I die to get red or blue in photos……well, I was dying here :)

The lovely ladies :)

The boys were certainly fun, this is the blog acceptable shot of how fun they were :)

Oh how I love this shot~and the story that comes with it 😉

So beautiful!!!!!!

Not going to lie, I loved this and have used this fun game at weddings after this :)

And here comes the bride :)

A little reminder not to lock your knees during a wedding ceremony, they almost had a man down :)

They kind of made my job easy 😉

Congratulations!!!  I am glad you didn’t see any sharks while you were surfing on your honeymoon!!!!!

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