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When couple’s ask me what to bring to their engagement session, I have figured out that really the only thing I need them to bring to get awesome photos is love, and cute shoes of course :)

I was having a grumpy day and was feeling overwhelmed by my list of to do’s and want to do’s and I opened up Amanda and Skylyr’s folder in lightroom and my mood changed.  I couldn’t help but smile as I realized how much in love they look in all of their photos!  On the day of their shoot, I considered rescheduling because it was super cloudy and suppose to rain all day but Amanda said let’s go for it.  After all, Skylyr proposed in the rain under umbrellas :)  Well thank you Amanda!!  It was such an awesome evening, the sun came out and the clouds were brilliantly white and fluffy and the sky was soooooooooo blue!!!!!

I am so very excited to be shooting their wedding next June!!!!

LOVE!!!!!!  LOVE!!!

Amanda you two are so dang cute!

And they both have incredible eyes!

The first engagement session I had scheduled for Ginna and Jason just happened to be on a day Kansas City had tornado watches all day and night.  So we rescheduled hoping for better weather.  And of course on our rescheduled day the weather looked questionable but the sun kept peaking in and out so we went for it!  And on my way out the door I heard the radio talking about possible tornado weather that evening!  But our session went great, actually more than great!  When we were close to the end of our session at the most awesome wheat field EVER the stormy clouds were to the east of us with the sun setting in the west!   Great combo!

I have to say that Ginna and Jason kind of made my job pretty easy :)  I barely directed them, they were so natural together even with a camera in their face, lol!!!  Ummmmm…..and they are freaking gorgeous as well!!!!

Here are a few of my favorites but really I pretty much faved them all :)

We have had the best clouds lately!  I have been obsessed with the sky!

seriously!  I think they will have supermodel babies :)

I am sooooooooooo glad Ginna and Jason were trusting of me to do this super sexy pose.  I saw something similar that really stuck with me and wanted to try it and I am LOOOOOOOVVVVVVING it!  I want to look that hot with my husband, lol!

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