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Prepare yourself for gorgeousness :)  This engagement shoot was very exciting for me and them of course, lol!  I first met Miss Lindsey when I took her senior pictures.  She was my very first senior from Park Hill High School, now Park Hill is probably my biggest senior client base!  While I shoot seniors from around 15 different high schools a year, I usually have the most from Park Hill :)  And when I met her, I thought how beautiful she was.   But when I photographed her, holy crap, I knew she belonged behind the camera!  And of course we had a blast talking about girl stuff, you know, hair, make-up, clothes, jewerly :)

I am pretty sure I basically insisted she go take her pictures to an agency I was working with at the time, of course they signed her :)  And over time I was lucky to take more of Lindsey’s modeling portfolio shots and become friends!

We had definitely talked about the day she would be married long before she was engaged, lol!  And how awesome it would be to be her wedding photographer and all of the fun things we would do!  So this would be a very planned out engagement shoot, lol!  Lindsey and I went over lots of fun ideas and then collected all of the things we wanted to make this shoot perfect!  I had met Jason several times, but wasn’t sure if he was ready for all of our excitement, lol!  But he was game and with the two of them together, the laughs and smiles and smitten looks were abundant :) So big post, lots of favorites!

Of course we had to start with a little rock chalk :)  haha, game day face!

How freaking cute are they!

Our picnic set up :)

I kind of love wildflowers :)

xoxoxoxxo~ Tracy

I am cooking today!  I have edited two sessions and blogged two, and mailed orders, contracts and dvds :)  Woo Hoo!!  Did I mention in the last post how I think I have the most gorgeous clients ever!  Well I do :)  Keep watching the blog posts coming, because all of my brides and bride’s to be are the most adorable ladies!!!  And the gentlemen aren’t bad either 😉

Blue eyes, blonde hair and freckles!  I must admit, I had freckle envy!  Cutest dang thing!  Also, I can already tell how well I am going to get along with Erin’s mom and dad!  Erin’s mom came along for the excitement and to help with their pup!  Two things I already love about Erin’s mom: one, that she wanted to be a part of all the fun (in a good way and not crazy mom way, lol) and two, that she brought a bottle of wine !  I knew they were going to be a fun family to work with!

Here are just a few of my faves!  I of course have a bazillion faves, but here are a few 😉

I was a little obsessed with the pretty purple weeds and wanted Erin to hold them in every pic, lol!

And oh how I love this :)

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