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July 1st 2011, exactly one year until Melissa & Jake become Mr. and Mrs. !!  It wasn’t even our exact plan shoot their engagement photos on the same day they will be married but it worked out perfect :)  We had a morning muffin and cookie party with both of the moms and Melissa’s grandma along to hang out and watch our shoot.  It is so wonderful to see their families so excited for their upcoming wedding and all of the fun wedding activities to lead :)  We started about 8 am because it was going to be a stinking hot that day, well it was kind of warm at 8 too, lol!  So we dropped by the lake and did a little splashing around in a few photos :)

I love photographing couples with super cool eyes and Melissa’s are blue like the Caribbean Sea :)  See for yourself :)

I love that Melissa brought some peaches to represent Georgia, where they are living!

Sitting around reading New York Times/ Atlanta Journal looks like a nice morning for the soon to be newlyweds :)

One of my super faves!!!!

And this was my first fave :)  I am dying over the tippy toes :)

When couple’s ask me what to bring to their engagement session, I have figured out that really the only thing I need them to bring to get awesome photos is love, and cute shoes of course :)

I was having a grumpy day and was feeling overwhelmed by my list of to do’s and want to do’s and I opened up Amanda and Skylyr’s folder in lightroom and my mood changed.  I couldn’t help but smile as I realized how much in love they look in all of their photos!  On the day of their shoot, I considered rescheduling because it was super cloudy and suppose to rain all day but Amanda said let’s go for it.  After all, Skylyr proposed in the rain under umbrellas :)  Well thank you Amanda!!  It was such an awesome evening, the sun came out and the clouds were brilliantly white and fluffy and the sky was soooooooooo blue!!!!!

I am so very excited to be shooting their wedding next June!!!!

LOVE!!!!!!  LOVE!!!

Amanda you two are so dang cute!

And they both have incredible eyes!

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