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Luke & Lauren’s wedding was the first time I have been to Baldwin City, KS.  I really enjoyed the small town and country roots.  I graduated from a small country town, Savannah, MO and Baldwin City very much reminded me of that.  Driving through the town with big open fields, small country roads and cattle out your window were all nice but my favorite thing about the country is the stars at night :)

If I were to imagine the most beautiful country wedding in my head it would look like Lauren & Luke’s wedding at Stony Point in Baldwin City, KS.  The flowers were soft and lovely and the tables were all decorated with a beautiful country vintage feel to them.  A couple of my favorites on the tables were a jar of buttons and a cast iron skillet :)

Luke and Lauren are so wonderful, happy, family orientated and real.  I know everyone is “real”  but if you know them, you would know what I mean 😉  Good folk :)  And of course a dream to photograph :)  On to the photos!!!!

Also a big thank you to Melissa, my second shooter for the day!






Their first time seeing each other was sooooo sweet :)


One of my favorites!!!!!brazzle-176


Hello lovely lady!!!!!brazzle-230





Another super favorite! I sure hope they didn’t have chigger bites after this!  I totally did!brazzle-288 brazzle-558 brazzle-108

Seriously, I loved the mason jars with the keys and names as everyones drinking glass and favor for the night!  I took a million photos of the them :)brazzle-267

So beautiful in the entry way to Stony Point!!brazzle-150

It is always so sweet when I catch a tear in the bride’s mom’s eyes.brazzle-481

There is so much about this photo that I like :)brazzle-432


This little lady made me smile all day :)brazzle-380

Downtown Baldwin City!brazzle-577

Then we went around Baker University for a few photos, what a beautiful campus!brazzle-641 brazzle-392 brazzle-41

pretty awesome coozies!!!!brazzle-400

The grooms cakes!brazzle-47


I had to get Lauren in this field with the wicked cool skies one more time during the reception!!!!brazzle-804 brazzle-809


Oh how I love sparkler photos!brazzle-917

Now THIS is one of my favorite sparkler photos ever :)  What a super cool name to say!  Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Brazzle!!!!!!!!!brazzle-931

It is really amazing how much you can learn about someone by watching them on their wedding day.  I noticed so many things that I hadn’t noticed on the engagement shoot.   I noticed that Amanda touches her nose when she is going to cry, her sister does this as well.  I noticed that when Amanda and Skylyr laugh together their heads tilt in the same way.  I learned that the moment Amanda was next to Skylyr holding his hand for a prayer, in which they did not see leach other that Amanda could breathe easier.   It was a beautiful, joyful day full of emotion. It was also a hot one as this summer has been consistent. So after a lovely ceremony at The President Hotel, we made quick use of our outside time to capture some fun shots of the bride and groom and wedding party.  And a big thank you to my second shooter, Mike, for all his help :)  With both of us shooting we made great use of the 25 minutes we ventured outside after the ceremony :)  The reception was elegant, and had some very fun surprises you will see further down the post!

I will start with Amanda’s beautiful dress that fit her so perfectly!

Amanda has the loveliest eyes :)

And the handsome groom to be!

I love how amazing Amanda looks in this dress!

They had the sweetest prayer time before the ceremony, where they were careful not to see each other :)

And they are married!!!

The flowers were by Dan Meiners.  He always does such a wonderful job!

Before Amanda and Skylyr had their first dance, he surprised her by serenading her on the dance floor!!!!

Ok, so this dancing shot is kind of funny :)  I just happened to catch an expression and the lights in the background at the right time to look like Amanda is eating a glowing lightbulb, lol!

And the real sweet one :)

And Amanda had a bit of a surprise planned herself!  While a bit of their story was being told of how Skylyr had arranged for the jumbotron at the Royals game to say “Thank you for saying yes” after he proposed, Slugger came running in for a surprise!!!  It was so awesome to see the look on everyone’s face!!!

The view from the President gets me every time!  So cool!

congratulations!!!!!  And I wish you two a lifetime of hugs and kisses!

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