Jake and Jordan, Jordan and Jake….just the sound of it flows seamlessly :)  Like pb&j, wine and cheese, bees & honey, lock & key, toast & jam, movie & popcorn, Sandy & Danny Zuko, thunder & lightning, they go together :)  I like the game of things that go together, lol.

Jake and Jordan’s wedding day was super fun, like I knew it would be.  It is impossible to not have fun hanging with Jordan 😉  Some things I know about Jordan, well, she is kind of fabulous.  She has 3 brothers, so she can go from princess to taking care of business in no time flat!  My kind of girl :)  She is sweet and sassy all wrapped up in one!  And I know Jake is super awesome to have won her heart and her dad’s approval :) Plus he has some camera skills, so he must be a keeper!

They were married in the middle of July so of course it was a bazillion degrees outside, but it didn’t keep anyone from smiling, just a little extra fan action 😉

We started off the day at Jordan’s parents house where all the girlies were getting ready!

In the running for my favorite ring shot EVER!!!!

Jordan’s  beautiful dress!!!!

Jordan is Daddy’s little girl.  And this moment when her dad saw her in her wedding dress on her wedding day  brought tears to everyone in the room.

Jordan had a pendant made to put on her flowers of her grandfather.  It was a surprise to her grandma :)

Jordan wasn’t able to have her best girl walk down the aisle, so we got some photos of her at the house :)

Jake and the boys got ready at the church before Jake and Jordan were going to see each other for the first time on the wedding day!

I love it when guys make this face :)

I love flowers with succulents!!  It always looks so cool!

Love these little cuties walking down the aisle!

Here comes the bride!!!!

This is the ‘oh my goodness, we are married’ look!


Jordan’s bridesmaids were all so gorgeous!!!


I feel like this shot has so much emotion!!!  And it’s just sexy!!

And while we were shooting in this area, this cute little squirrel was carrying her babies from tree to tree!  It was the coolest thing!  My second photographer Mike Tsai got an awesome shot it coming right at him!

And wait for it….wait for it….BAM!

And I love this photo of Jake (who totally digs cameras)  looking at Jordan through my old twin lens!

So romantic!!!!!! and dreamy!

The reception was at the Grand Ballroom!  Such a gorgeous venue!!  Speaking of gorgeous, holy CAKE!!!!!!  Look at this CAKE!!!!!

I loved all of the lemons on the tables!!!  I didn’t get to try the lemon cake, dang it!

Not a bad backdrop, eh?

During the father/daughter dance, they played a slideshow of photos of Jordan and her Dad over the years.  Makes me think of my little lady getting married someday and her daddy, sob, sob 😉

And let the dancing begin!!!

Very funny moment of the night, lol!  After I have Jake spin Jordan around and he gets tripped up on her dress and basically drops her.  Instead of immediately helping her up, he thinks that is a great make out spot, hahahhahahaahahha!  I know they have a great sense of humor so I can laugh about that, hahahahaha!

They had an awesome sparkler exit!

Me and Mike and Jordan :)

And from Jordan and Jake to everyone who helped make their day so awesome and from me to them for picking me to document their special love day!!!!!!!!!

A Big…

What a celebration Melissa and Jake’s wedding day was for everyone who knows them!  There is not one part of their day that does not scream celebration to me!  While I have been going through all of the wedding photos that myself and my second photographer took I can’t help but smile.  Melissa is the kind of girl who smiles when she talks, smiles when she listens and smiles when she loves.  She is so full of life that it makes you feel exuberant when you are around her.  You can hear her happiness in her voice, like every time you talk to her 😉  And Jake is so kind and caring and always a gentleman, the kind of guy who will take care of her heart.  Both Melissa and Jake are so close with their families and it was so nice to see how involved and happy both of their families were with the wedding planning.

This was my first full on traditional Jewish wedding to photograph and boy was it fun!  There were so many different events of the day that were so cool, but I think my favorite part of the day is when Jake was brought to Melissa raised on a chair during the pre-cocktail hour and first saw her on their wedding day and put her vail over her.  And the dancing was CRAZY!!!!!  The Horah song went on for 25 minutes straight at the opening of the reception!!

I want to give a big thanks for all the help I got from my second shooter, Mike Tsai, and to their Amazing wedding planner, Kelley  Flora Ruf!!!

I will start with Melissa’s dress, it was breathtaking!!!  The texture was amazing!!!!!

I was loving the cake pops!!!!!  And the necklace, if I remember correctly, was Melissa’s grandmothers :)

pretty girls!

I am dying over this shot of Melissa!!!!!!

This was the first time Jake saw Melissa on their wedding day!   So fun!!!


The flowers were done fabulously by Dan Meiners!!!

I love this photo of  Melissa and Jake’s mom’s during the first dance!

Did I mention that they had the Michael Beers Band !  My FAVORITE wedding band!!  And they have the most beautiful singer ever!!  I think she may have gotten a few proposals at this wedding :)

Congratulations!!!  I wish you both a lifetime of smiles and a future with very tall children  :)

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