This is going to be such a fun blog post about a very fun weekend!  Where else would I want to spend Valentine’s Day weekend other than with my husband and a super awesome young couple in love :)

I love being at the beach, so scheduling a post wedding shoot where Brad and Julee live in Venice Beach was very exciting!  And of course Julee is so creative that together we had a million fun ideas for our shoot, she was even making a prop in the car on the way to the shoot, lol!

We also took a fun afternoon doing a just for fun shoot, I even had them take a few shots of  me and my hubby in some fun locations.  But those will be for another post, because they are way cuter than us, haha!

Even though it might snow here again this weekend, I am still feeling the spring fever from all of the flowers, birds and bike rides :)  I will post some of my just for fun photos in another post :)

So on to all of the cuteness mixed with a little hotness 😉

I love their outfits!  So Tommy Bahama!

We took some fun shots in this little boat in honor of when Brad asked Julee to marry him in a boat in Central Park :)


and then we ended this day at the beach under the Santa Monica Pier!  LOVE!!!!

This is how you spell ~happy

And on to the DRESS!!!!!!   Yes, I still love Julee’s dress as much as I did on her wedding day :)

I think Brad looks a little like James Bond in this shot :)

Love this shot on the lifegaurd’s stand :)

And one of my all time favorites :)!!!!!!!

Besides all of the rock climbing, my job doesn’t get better than this :)

Ok, another on my list of all time faves !!!!!!!!!!!

And sunset :)

Just a few of my faves 😉  Thanks again to Brad and Julee, we enjoyed hanging with you over the weekend :)

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  5. Kristin Nicole wrote: Gorgeous photos!!! (03/15/11, 6:03 pm)

  6. tracy wrote: Thanks Kristin, Julie and Natalie :) (02/23/11, 10:21 am)

  7. Natalie Clayshulte wrote: Wow, wow, wow!! These are absolutely stunning images!! (02/23/11, 9:50 am)

  8. Julie Sowers wrote: Oh My Gosh!!!! These are breathtaking....each and every one!!!! Beautiful images......awesome location.....loving couple.....great story! (02/23/11, 9:49 am)

  9. Kristin wrote: Julle, Brad, Tracy, these photos are BEAUTIFUL! wowee. (02/23/11, 1:37 am)

  10. tracy wrote: Thanks Matt! I even have an ocf one in there :) I could have used the Doug Box at sunset! (02/23/11, 12:11 am)

  11. Matt wrote: Beautiful images of a beautiful couple, Tracy. (02/23/11, 12:08 am)

  12. tracy wrote: Yeah!!! haha, I just sent you a text! I know, we need to come back with Lindsey and Jason for another trip :) (02/22/11, 11:58 pm)

  13. Julee wrote: LOVE LOVE LOVE TRACY! You truly have a gift!!! The weekend was SOOO much fun! These pictures are so amazing and I will cherish them forever!!! I am just excited this isn't the end and I get to see you again soon for Lindsey's wedding (02/22/11, 11:55 pm)

  14. tracy wrote: Thanks Johnna! You know I have been jealous of all your beach time :) (02/22/11, 11:50 pm)

  15. johnna brynn wrote: awesome, Tracy! This looks like sooo much fun! Glad you got to enjoy some sunshine!!! :) :) :) xoxox (02/22/11, 11:48 pm)


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