New Year’s Eve weddings are always such a great day to get married.  Everyone is so excited to celebrate love and new beginnings.  The dresses sparkle, the champagne bubbles, the dancing doesn’t stop till the the New Year!  And Amy & Matt’s wedding was all of that and more :)

We started the day off with everyone getting ready at the plaza Marriott.

Amy had the loveliest of dresses with pretty lace sleeves!

snively-7 snively-12 snively-47 Hello pretty ladies!snively-51 snively-58 While I was photographing the girls getting all ready, Mike was photographing the guys all getting ready :)  Love the hashtag and the NYE’s socks!snively-13 snively-4 snively-78 So lovely!!!!snively-84 snively-93 snively-111 snively-116 So pretty!  Lovely winter bride :)snively-127 snively-136 Amy’s smile and laugh is so awesome that you can’t help but smile and laugh right along with her :)snively-148 snively-157 snively-170 Such a lovely winter bouquet!!!!snively-172 Handsome groom and the gents!snively-202 Amy and Matt didnt want to see each other before the ceremony but wanted to have a moment together before which was so sweet!snively-209 snively-237snively-256 snively-296 And they are married!!!!!!!snively-315 snively-317 snively-398 snively-404 snively-406 Another advantage to NYE weddings~THE PLAZA LIGHTS!!!!!snively-422 snively-424 snively-432 I DIE ABOUT THIS PHOTO!!!!  So romantic!snively-439 I was hoping for a bit of NYE snow but didn’t quite get it so I added some in post for fun :)snively-438bweb snively-451 snively-458 snively-461 snively-470 Looking sharp Snively’s!snively-490 snively-496 snively-501 Wow on the cake!!!!    I was in love with all of the gold sparkle at the reception at the Kemper Contemporary Museum of Art!  And the place cards in gold on the leaves were super cool!  I have never seen that before :)snively-510 snively-658The speeches were amazing!  Lots of laughs and fun!
snively-600 This is Mike’s shot and I love it!snively-608 They had GIANT champagne bottles to celebrate!!!!snively-632 I also love the CHEESEcake :)snively-637 So happy!  Dancing all night to Lost Wax!snively-684 snively-711 snively-770 Spinning dresses are awesome!snively-812 snively-824 snively-875 snively-958 And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!snively-580 snively-841Congratulations Amy and Matt!!!  Happy Married 2016!!!!!!!


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  1. Bobbi Sheridan wrote: AMY!!!!! What a BEAUUUUUTIFUL bride you made! Your dress was outta this world gorgeous and OH SO perfectly you! But let's take a moment to talk about that hunk of a husband you married... HUBBA HUBBA HUSBAND!!! ;) Tracy, you nailed this wedding! You made shooting in the cold look easy... and let's be real, IT'S NOT! Sending love and high fives your way friends!!!! :D (03/16/16, 4:41 pm)


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