Jamie & Brandon were married on a beautiful, very warm Sunday in September.  Other than being  a bit toasty, it was a perfect perfect day!  The ceremony was so lovely, the reception was super fun, and everyone was having a great time!

Jamie & Brandon had everything at the Intercontinental Hotel, which made the logistics of the day awesome!  They got ready for the day there in separate areas, they had their first look on the rooftop where the ceremony would be and then we went about town for some fun photos before coming back for the ceremony and reception!

While I was photographing the girls, Mike Tsai was working with me photographing the boys.

I will start with Jamie getting even more beautiful with the help of Gina Holmberg.

hess-2 I LOVED Jamie’s shoes!hess-8 hess-31 hess-583 The guys having fun!  hess-3 hess-12 hess-52 hess-67 hess-95 hess-74 First look!hess-101 hess-115 hess-126 hess-130 Jamie has such a pretty smile!hess-133 hess-146 hess-167 hess-182 hess-199 hess-180 hess-204 hess-215 One of my favorites!!!!hess-226 hess-234 Brandon is always cracking everyone up.  I had them posing for a photo and he breaks out in the wave, lol!hess-240 hess-253 hess-254 hess-276I was with the girls during the Tish, while Mike was with the guys.
hess-359 The guys definitely have the leg up on this part, ha!hess-361 I love these photos Mike captured of a very emotional moment.  hess-393 The guys coming in for the Badeken and the Ketubah signing, using the last pen from Brandon’s Grandpa’s business.hess-402 hess-432 hess-444 hess-511 Woot!  Woot!  They are married!!!hess-588 hess-564 hess-614 hess-631 hess-684 This series just cracked me up!  I think they were not quite certain this little guy should get the microphone.  He did fine….except for the screechy sound from being too close to the microphone.hess-699 hess-728 hess-753 hess-759 hess-771 hess-818 The Hora is my very favorite thing about Jewish weddings.  It is the most fun dancing ever!hess-877 And of course The Michael Beers Band was AMAZING like always.  Credit to Mike Tsai for these photos.  He super rocks at band photos :)  The middle one is mine though :)hess-937 Lots and lots of fun dancing!!!!!hess-893Congratulations Jamie & Brandon!!!!!!!!!!!

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