Laine & Mike are the perfect combo of heart and merriment.  They are so kind and soooooo fun!   Getting to know them has been so wonderful.  It is easy to see how much they are loved by their families and their friends and how much they love them back :)   One of the first things they told me when we met was how important their families were to them.   It was a wonderful day full of love, laughs, twinkle lights and FANTASTIC dancing :)

They were married at Trinity Lutheren, the same church that Mike’s siblings were married.  They did not see each other until Laine walked down the aisle.  It was really wonderful seeing Mike’s expressions while Laine walked down the aisle :)   And they had their reception at The Guild.  I was super excited to shoot there because I had not yet.   AND the lights on the back lawn are totally my favorite kind of thing to photograph :)

I will start with Laine’s incredible dress and beautiful bouquet!  This is one of my all time favorite flower photos, thanks Paige for holding them in there behind the scene 😉

guerry-14 guerry-10 I have been working with Jolie at so many weddings!!!  Always great!  And I must get some cutie slippers like these!guerry-27 guerry-48 So pretty!!!!guerry-54 guerry-57 guerry-59 I am having a love for brides and evergreens lately :)  I should book a wedding in the mountains 😉guerry-67 guerry-81 guerry-77 guerry-95 Look at all these cuties :)guerry-114 guerry-106 guerry-111 guerry-156 guerry-158 guerry-173 Yay!  Their married!!!!guerry-208 guerry-213 guerry-223 guerry-277 Favorite alert :)guerry-288 guerry-293 guerry-299 guerry-318 Mike’s group of guys are pretty hilarious and fun so I knew this be perfect :)guerry-343 It had been a completely cloud covered day the whole day but just as we drove downtown the most beautiful sunset popped out and we literally ran to the end of this bridge chasing light!  guerry-356 guerry-349 guerry-366 guerry-370 guerry-373 guerry-385 guerry-391 guerry-395 Another favorite!!!!guerry-405 guerry-408 guerry-429 SO……..ALL of these are also my favorites :)  Pretty lights are like the word squirrel to me :)guerry-433 guerry-435 guerry-438 O.M.G.guerry-450 The Guild is the perfect balance of rustic and romantic.guerry-475 guerry-493 guerry-575 guerry-604 guerry-606 guerry-629 guerry-641 I have had the pleasure of photographing several of Laine & Mike’s friends weddings and meeting lots of their friends at past weddings as well so it is super fun to see them all together again :)guerry-557 These boys have some sick moves here :)  Really, all of Mike’s fraternity brothers are so close of friends.  I really hope for that same kind of thing for my son.guerry-697 Oh!  Laine’s parents were great on the dance floor as well :)guerry-734 guerry-820 photo fun :)guerry-834 guerry-912 guerry-915


Congratulations newlyweds!!!!!!!!  Can’t wait to see you on the dance floor at Katie & Don’s wedding!

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