For  love & baseball!!!  Angela & Brian were married right in the heart of our Royals being in the world series!  It was  game 4 and the Royals were leading the series 2-1, the whole city was painted blue with excitement.  While I know Angela & Brian were so excited about the Royals in the world series, that was probably not in their mind when setting their wedding date :)  With all of that being said, I know plenty of brides who might have been very distraught with what to do about that during their reception.  But Angela & Brian embraced it, and went ahead and put the game on after dinner during their reception.  Lots of guests enjoyed watching the game in the bar area while others got their groove on the dance floor and some tried to combine those two acts :)

It is a really neat story of how Angela & Brian met.  Angela’s daughter’s best friend is Brian’s niece.  If I am remembering the story correctly, Brian was at his sisters sometime when Angela was coming or going with her daughter, Katie and of course asked his sister about her immediately :)  Angela and Katie seem like best friends and Brian and Katie have so much fun together.  I am just so happy for them to all become a family :)  Congratulations Brian, Angela & Katie!

I started the day out taking a few photos at the salon just down the street from the Stanley in Lees Summit where the wedding and ceremony was going to be.


blevins-18 All the shops outside were sporting their Royals cheer!blevins-22Then we headed over to the Stanley for Angela to put her dress on.  The dressing room there is cute as heck!  And of course the flowers were beautiful!  Amy from Victorian Gardens did an amazing job!
blevins-36 Amy is how I actually met Angela!  I was picking up a corsage for my son’s prom while Angela was meeting with her!  And her date was the only one I did not have booked for October!  Lucky for me :)blevins-38 blevins-67 blevins-89 The moment when they both see each other on their wedding day is such an awesome moment to witness.  They were so happy :)blevins-92 blevins-107 I LOVE this photo :)  Such a beautiful lady and handsome groom!blevins-112 It was unseasonably warm for the end of October which was nice to be outside for a few photos!blevins-122 This is perfectly them.  Brian had me laughing all day!blevins-128 blevins-138 blevins-142 blevins-145 blevins-153 blevins-149 blevins-158 blevins-179 blevins-195 blevins-205 LOL!!!blevins-210 So lovely!blevins-213 blevins-215 blevins-214 blevins-225 blevins-219 blevins-236 blevins-31 I love that Brian’s ring has baseball stitching engraved on it, perfect for a world series wedding!  Angela is a writer and I have read her poem like a dozen times :)blevins-250 blevins-51 blevins-84 blevins-253 Brian had everyone laughing as he came down the aisle with a bit of bounce :)blevins-274 blevins-279 blevins-290 It was a beautiful ceremony!  I am solo crazy about the combinations of the brick, wood and ceiling here!!!!blevins-296 Of course we had to bust out the world series towels I brought!!!!blevins-364 blevins-368 blevins-384 blevins-397 mmmmmmm….gelato!!!!!blevins-379 blevins-425blevins-416
blevins-452 And this is how you multi task!  Dancing and watching the series at the same time :)blevins-485We were still ahead here :)
blevins-492 blevins-487 I love photos with the streetlights.  It feels so romantic to me, like walking home from a date :)blevins-538Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!


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