It is always exciting to get to travel to another city for an engagement or wedding to photograph.  I love exploring and photographing new scenes.  I flew to Chicago where Sarah & Joe both live to photograph their engagement session.  Their wedding will be here in KC this fall.  I always think it is a great idea to have your engagement session in the area where a couple is starting their lives together.  It will be such a wonderful way to remind them of that time no matter where they end up living down the road :)

I had a lot of favorites from this session and a great quick tour of Chicago :)  One of my favorites are under this bridge!  I LOVED this spot :)

sarah-24 sarah-29 sarah-34 LOVE!!!!!sarah-36 Green light!  It’s a go for the wedding 😉sarah-42 sarah-44 sarah-58 When we drove by this amazing church I wanted to photograph, Joe stopped the cab and we hopped out.  It was soooo beautiful!sarah-59 sarah-66And back in another cab to the next location :)
sarah-73 Water, sun, sand and a beautiful view.  This would be my happy spot if I lived there :)sarah-79 sarah-87 sarah-96 Then we headed to Joe’s apartment which had a great view for a glass of wine before dinner and a few rooftop photos :)  Chicago in a glass :)sarah-118b sarah-122 Adorable cabbie photos :)sarah-127

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