Today instead of blogging about love in the snow, I am definitely ready to move on the love in  spring!  And Catherine & Brent’s engagement session in Dallas a couple of weeks ago is the perfect way to kick off the spring feeling!  I was in desperate need of seeing greenery.  Not every thing was green in dallas but there was plenty of trees that stay green, ground greenery, and even green lilly pads on the water :)  And on top of already being in my photo happy place, Catherine and Brent laugh and love so easily that it is really inspiring.

I hope these photos make you feel happy as well :)  Also, in certain photos, Catherine has an uncanny resemblance to Olivia Wilde~but prettier :)

catherine-106 catherine-108

This may have been a very uncomfortable location, but super cute :)catherine-116 catherine-118

Tippy toes photos never get old :)catherine-122 catherine-127 catherine-138

This set of photos really make me giggle :)catherine-140 catherine-147 Super happy place!!  Water, boats and an lovely couple :)catherine-149 catherine-154 catherine-157

Totally an Olivia Wilde resemblance here :)catherine-172 catherine-178

This church was so gorgeous we had to stop :)catherine-185 catherine-194 catherine-196

Then we ended at the cutest little area for a little Tex-Mex with a MILLION twinkly lights!  I LOVE TWINKLY LIGHTS!  There would be more photos there but there were also a million cars in the parking lot, lol.catherine-200

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