In a tribute to our snow day we are having here today and yesterday, I thought it would be a great time to showcase a very fun photoshoot that I did on our last big snowstorm!!!  I photographed Elizabeth & James’ wedding last October and they are such a fun adventurous couple that I wasn’t surprised that they volunteered to brave the conditions to come play in the snow in bridal attire :)  Of course what I thought to be a 30 min shoot as it was FREEZING outside turned into a little bit more because there are just soooo many fun ideas to do in the snow!!!!  It took us all a bit to thaw out after that but TOTALLY worth it :)  They are even getting a big canvas of one of the snow photos :)

Hope you enjoy these while we anxiously await spring :)

devaney-snow-108 devaney-snow-117 devaney-snow-119

Beautiful lady :)

I love these :)devaney-snow-132

James’ signature move, lol!devaney-snow-135

Check out the blue chair!   Used to be green!  James & Elizabeth got the first shoot on the newly reupholstered chair :)devaney-snow-138 devaney-snow-144

Two of my favorites!  We were standing on the frozen lake here!devaney-snow-148

So them!  Fun!devaney-snow-155 devaney-snow-159 devaney-snow-166


Happy Snow Day!!!!!

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