I ended the month of October driving to a little town in Kansas for a wonderful wedding celebration.  Robert and Anne were married in Anne’s hometown of Andale.  The population of Andale is 964.  It is a close-knit farming community with hard working, well mannered, loving families.   Anne & Robert’s families were big parts of their wedding day.  Robert’s dad actually sung during the ceremony and was so good they convinced him to sing again at the reception!  And Anne has 7 brothers and sisters with all of her bridesmaids being her sisters and her brothers were part of the ceremony as well!

We started the day in downtown Wichita where everyone got ready for the day.  And it was so awesome to scout locations that I have never photographed a bride and groom in before :)  And I LOVE  the spots we found!!!!!!

And I could go on and on and on about Anne’s dress.  It was INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

And a big shout out to my associate photographer, Nate, for making the trip with me, capturing great images and listening to me sing on the 4 hr drive home :)  That last part may have been the toughest part of his day 😉

I will start with photos of the dress!!!!

tibbetts-13 tibbetts-32 tibbetts-42 tibbetts-51 tibbetts-62 tibbetts-75 tibbetts-133 tibbetts-142 tibbetts-144

Under this bridge was a definite favorite for me!!!!tibbetts-167 tibbetts-185 tibbetts-171

Seriously?  They could be royalty!!!!!!tibbetts-205

The beautiful Andale church!!!!!tibbetts-235

I love the moments Nate caught of Anne with her Dad before they walked down the aisle.  And the look the cutie flower gave me right as she passed me :)tibbetts-289 tibbetts-312 tibbetts-437

After the ceremony we walked  a couple of blocks to downtown Andale for a few more photos :)  I love this photo that was just in a yard on our walk :)tibbetts-444

Check out the bridesmaids colors and I love the necklaces!!!!!tibbetts-454 tibbetts-463 tibbetts-484 tibbetts-493 tibbetts-256 tibbetts-222

I really love looking at older wedding photos, it is so cool to see the dress styles!
tibbetts-231 What an original idea for the reception!  A cartoon characterist!!!!!!tibbetts-509 tibbetts-610 tibbetts-630

It was also the first wedding I have photographed with dueling pianos for the music!!!tibbetts-642 tibbetts-720


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