Mallory & Harold are married!!!!  They were excited to be getting married at Harold’s grandfather’s barn in Faucett that Harold helped build for 6 years!  Besides the awesomeness of a barn wedding, it had sentimental value as well :)  But what they did not plan is that their September wedding would be one of the hottest Saturdays of the year.  I know this to be true because I have been shooting weddings almost every Saturday since summer started and this was definitely the hottest :)  They also didn’t know there was going to be an accident on the highway that held up many coming from KC more than an hour.

But was anything going to be able to put a damper on the delight  Mallory and Harold had to be getting married?  Not a chance :)  I still hear the joy in Mallory’s voice when she put on her dress and squealed  “I’m a bride!!!!”  I sure love Mallory’s spunk and I am pretty sure that no matter how hot it was going to get Harold wasn’t going to lose that smile :)  There were so many awesome moments of tears and laughter that I am excited to share :)  I will tell the rest of the story with the photos!   And a super thanks to Nate, my 2nd photographer, for sweating it out with me :)


Holy amazing flowers!  And the bench!  I gotta lot of love for this bench :)calloway-5 calloway-16 calloway-44

Mallory’s grandma first seeing Mallory in her dress :)calloway-88 calloway-107 calloway-378 calloway-122

One word : WOODEN SWING!!  okay, that was two words 😉  Imagine my excitement to see the swing!!!!!!!!
calloway-150 calloway-149 calloway-156 calloway-212 calloway-263 calloway-289

This was a pretty awesome slowmo group!!!


I LOVED the inside of the barn!calloway-354 calloway-315

Now I have to admit that this was one of my favorite moments of the day.  Mallory’s great grandma is going to be 106 this month and the emotion when she saw Mallory on her wedding day so touching.
calloway-424 calloway-472 calloway-494 calloway-508

Ok, so if you think I was exaggerating about the temps, check out the white shirt and yellow shirt below, lol.  It was like a giant wet tshirt contest!!!!  Now don’t tell me it isn’t a bit funny 😉  I know Mallory & Harold both have a great sense of humor, so I had to post it 😉calloway-518 calloway-603

How about the most perfect windy country road for a backdrop?  Yes, please :)


They were pleasantly surprised with a giant party bus in leu of the trolley that didn’t make it!  And it was AIR CONDITIONED :)calloway-628 calloway-682 calloway-627

Love it!


Another moment I loved catching was the grandpa pile up on the dance floor!!!calloway-777 calloway-790 calloway-809 calloway-821 calloway-835 calloway-843

Mallory’s uncle snuck up on her with this horse head on, look at her face!!!  hahahahahhahahahaha!  Oh yeah, her brother totally dropped her on the dance floor in photo below!  No worries, she was ok :)
calloway-905 calloway-876


Congrats and lots of love to Mallory & Harold!!!!!!!!  Smooches!!!!!!

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