What a way to end my 2012 wedding season!!!  It was just perfect shooting Lauren & Jordan’s wedding on Dec 8th.  The weather was pretty great for a December day, a tad bit chilly, but nothing that stopped us from getting awesome photos!!  Lauren & Jordan were married and had their reception at the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art which is always awesome!!!  I don’t know what it is about having your ceremony and reception all at the same venue, but it feels so cozy to me!!

And of course I had an amazing couple to photograph!  Seriously, get ready for bride overload photos.  Dang, Lauren was meant to be photographed!  The camera LOVES her, and Jordan is pretty GQ as well 😉

And a big thank you to Mike Tsai, my second photographer that day!!!

I will start with the dress!!!  The lace on the flowers came from Lauren’s mom’s wedding dress!!!!

How fabulous are Lauren’s shoes?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Lauren’s lovely sis and mom helping her with her dress :)

Here comes bridal overload!!  I just couldn’t help myself!!!!!

Show stopper!!!!!!!!

We popped down for a few shots of Jordan before they were ready for the first look!!!!

One of my favorite parts of the day!!!!

The lovely ladies!!!

And handsome men :)

One of my favorite shots of the day!!!

Or maybe this one!

This is one of those moments when whatever is on my mind just comes flying out in words :)  I am pretty sure it had to do with Jordan’s socks :)

Seriously beautiful couple, inside and out :)

After we finished up taking photos at the Nelson Atkins Museum right around the corner from the Kemper, it was ceremony time!!! This is a moment when I am so glad they had a second photographer booked.  While I was waiting for Lauren to walk down the aisle, Mike was in the back room with them and was able to capture this moment with Lauren and her mom :)

One of the very special things about their ceremony was that Jordan’s dad performed the ceremony!!!

Oh my how I loved the cake!  It was so pretty and the texture was so cool!!!

There was some fun dancing to be had!!  And I should let everyone know that if I accidentaly take a photo that looks embarassing and hilarious, I am probably going to post it, haha!!!  Also, I loved the coasters Lauren made so much, my daughter and I are going to try to make some!!!

Congratulations to you both!!!

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