I haven’t been keeping up with blogging everything I shoot, so it may seem like I only shoot weddings.  I always blog weddings because it takes me a bit longer to edit a whole wedding than it would to edit a family shoot or a senior shoot, so I have to show some goodies while they are waiting :)  But I have been shooting a lot of wonderful sessions including babies, toddlers, families, engaged couples, seniors and some fashion spreads and covers for HerLife Magazine.

I am blessed to meet so many amazing people on my job, but let me tell you that the sessions that melt my heart are the ones where I get to photograph children and their families.  I always say that the most amazing thing that I have ever done or ever will do is to be a mom.  And to be able to get photos for a mom and dad that show the love of their children is such an honor .  As well as the opportunity to meet their little sweeties and photograph them :)  I have so many favorites of this session I am swooning over :)

Here are some of my faves!

Remember when your kids put your whole face in their hands to give you a smooch?  Love that!!!

Super fave :)

This picture for sure melts my heart .  Poor thing fell down and scratched her hand and knee and kept saying  “my hand is broken” in the sweetest little sad voice ever.  And she must have the best cousins ever, because she kept asking for them when she was hurt, awwwwwwwww!!!!!!

And her little sis was just getting warmed up 😉

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  1. Connie Baker wrote: Beautiful---The way those 2 look at their Mommy and Daddy just makes my heart melt and you captured it----great work!!! (05/01/12, 12:15 pm)

  2. Julie Sowers wrote: These are precious and adorable! Love them all! (04/30/12, 8:30 pm)

  3. Carol gentry wrote: What a beautiful family! Those pictures just make you want to cry because you feel love from every picture! (04/30/12, 5:47 pm)


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