If I were to say what one downfall to being a relative of mine is not seeing photos that I take on my blog, lol!  Well, I don’t always bring my camera with me when I am happy to just hang with the family on a day off.  But sometimes I do and as much as I enjoy shooting for fun, I get caught up in my client orders and sessions that I only edit a couple of my faves.  Well, it is time to catch up on everything and I have a couple of months to do it :)

So thinking of warm late summer days at my parent’s farm, I will look forward to spending another day like this one with family!

This is what it looks like standing in front of my mom’s house on a beautiful day :)

Love taking the 4 wheelers out.  this is what fun looks like 😉

Truman & Ally always excited to ride the tractors with poppy!!!!

and the super model of the day award goes to…………………my nephew Truman :)

And Marcella was not loving the camera on this day but I think she is warming up 😉  The next time she will be putty in my hands :)  But she forgot about me when her brother was distracting her, yeah!

And what I think I brought my camera for was to try to get a few nakee shots of my brother Dave’s new baby girl.  Isn’t she precious?!?!?!??!!?!  I wish we all lived closer :)

And my mom working the magic to get me a sleepy baby :)

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