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Madison and Peter are married!  So exciting as the two of them are just so happy to be starting their forever together!  Being around them on their wedding day was such a joy.  They laughed together and were just so happy all day long.  Nothing was going to change that :)

emerson-16_WEB Their was a whole lot of action going on around the Little Theater/Convention Center with a car show, some basketball, A WEDDING, but I managed to find a little spot out of the traffic and wind for Madison and Peter to first see each other on their wedding day :)  It was perfect :)emerson-55_WEB emerson-50_WEB emerson-31_WEB emerson-58_WEB emerson-85_WEB This right here was one of my favorite moments of the day.  I am probably not going to quote this exactly right but I remember them talking about their morning before they saw each other and Madison saying something to the effect of ~I don’t care about any of that I just want to get married to you and Peter saying~Thats why I love you.  Soooooooo sweet :)  And look at their smiles!emerson-76_WEB emerson-94_WEB This was super funny.  Tell me you get the movie reference?emerson-101_WEB Hello Gorgeous!!!!emerson-108_WEB Sweet MOH moment :)emerson-121_WEB Such a good wedding party!!!!!emerson-144_WEB emerson-151_WEB emerson-258_WEB emerson-308_WEB emerson-314_WEB emerson-339_WEB The folks sitting on the bench in the background were getting such a kick out of these ladies acting silly :)emerson-319_WEB I love the KC/St. Louis love here :)emerson-324_WEB Dang girl.  Could you be more gorgeous ?emerson-363_WEB emerson-382_WEB emerson-414_WEB A little old hollywood in KC :)emerson-227_WEB emerson-452_WEB emerson-517_WEB emerson-551_WEB emerson-563_WEB emerson-659_WEBCongratulations Peter & Madison!!!!!!



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