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Living at a lake is super fun during the summer when everyone is boating, swimming, skiing, sailing, and having barbecues but when you get just the right mixture of extreme cold temperatures and hopefully no wind the lake can become a winter playground too!!!!  Most years we are fortunate enough to get a few good ice skating days at Lake Lotawana but we got more than a week before it rained and got above freezing~which may make the ice not smooth anymore.  In that week the lake came alive!  Our cove is typically one of the first ones to get over 3 inches of ice.  I think we ended up with 6-8 inches of ice throughout a good portion of the lake!

We had hockey games daily off of our dock, we had  big chili meals, we skated down the lake to meet neighbors, the ice boats were all out, some even went ice fishing!  We put on lots of layers of clothing and got the hot chocolate brewing!  Not going to lie, the first days of ice skating at temps below 10 were tough. But with face masks, neck guards and lots of layers, fun was still had!  Their was even a night time skating party at the opposite end of our lake on a friday night where the kids wore glow sticks and they lit up a cocky goal and it looked like a ton of fun.  My daughter caught the stomach bug the day before that so she was heartbroken to miss that one.  But she did get lots of skating time in!

Well we finally got a day that was suppose to be at least 30 degrees and I was thinking how fun, adventurous and slightly precarious it would be to have a photoshoot on the ice!  I had a specific vision in mind but did put the idea into place rather quickly~thank you for all of my volunteers and I would loved to have had a chance to photograph you all on the ice or at least have you out for a skating party!!!!!  But I only had a certain amount of time to work with cold temps and good sunlight :)

I photographed two amazing couples!  The first couple, Taylor & Kailey, are engaged and I am shooting their wedding this coming June!  And the second couple, Ryan & Mackenzie, got married last June~with their dates only one week apart!  I love how both shoots turned out and thank you to both couples for being adventurous and a bit cold :)  And thank you to the ice skating/camera gods for not letting me fall and bust my camera :)  Also a big thank you to my lovely assistant, my daughter :)

Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!!!!



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