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It was such a wonderful day in January for a wedding!  The temperatures were not too cold  for outside photos, not super warm like today though 😉  The day was all about the two of them and Duana’s son coming together as a family.  It was relaxed, happy and fun!!!  They had their ceremony and reception at The Royal Room in briarcliff.  Everyone was so nice there!

We started off at the Marriott at Briarcliff where they were all getting ready.  I was photographing the girls while Mike Tsai was photographing the guys :)

I just loved the detail of Duana’s dress!!!

zeplin-26_WEB zeplin-49_WEB zeplin-85_WEB Mandy McKenna was getting the bride all ready with perfect hair and makeup as always!zeplin-92_WEB zeplin-122_WEB zeplin-123_WEB zeplin-135_WEB Love this shot Mike got midair!!zeplin-72_WEB zeplin-78_WEB I love that her son couldn’t wait any longer to turn around and see his mom :)  Heart melts!zeplin-145_WEB zeplin-153_WEB zeplin-159_WEB zeplin-166_WEB One of my favorites!!!zeplin-203_WEB zeplin-198_WEB zeplin-211_WEB zeplin-221_WEB The handsome Guys!zeplin-228_WEB Beautiful bride!!!zeplin-227_WEB zeplin-230_WEB Love these!!!!!zeplin-252_WEB Handsome little guy!zeplin-288_WEB zeplin-273_WEB zeplin-283_WEB zeplin-304_WEB zeplin-293_WEB zeplin-323_WEB zeplin-334_WEB zeplin-357_WEB zeplin-393_WEB zeplin-376_WEB zeplin-374_WEB zeplin-414_WEB The Royal Room has a lot of fun uplighting :)zeplin-383_WEB zeplin-391_WEB zeplin-527_WEB zeplin-509_WEB Love this!zeplin-524_WEB This grandpa was AWESOME!zeplin-499_WEB zeplin-546_WEB zeplin-614_WEB zeplin-630_WEB zeplin-656_WEB zeplin-688_WEB LOL!  The grandkids were getting him to dab :)  Grandma & Grandpa getting down!zeplin-728_WEB zeplin-746_WEB zeplin-853_WEBCongratulations Team Zeplin!!!!!



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