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New Year’s Eve weddings are always soooooo fun and I new that Kaleigh & Peter’s NYE wedding would be amazing!  It was super fun for me as a photographer because I had the pleasure of photographing Kaleigh’s senior photos, and her brother’s and one of her bridesmaid’s, plus I photographed Peter’s sister Anna’s wedding!!!  It  was a day packed full of  happy, emotional, fun and love filled moments!   And it was such a glamourous affair!  All the details of the day came together perfectly :)  Madison Sanders Events helped Kaleigh and Peter with all of that so they could focus on each other and their friends and family!

Everyone had a little extra glam from the sparkles, sequins, bow ties and shine at the reception at Pennway Place Event Space, Studio Dan Meiners!  It truly felt like a red carpet event…….but better 😉 !!!!!

I had my great photo team working with Mike 2nd shooting and Paige assisting!

The girls started their day getting ready at the Sheraton crown center with mimosas in their personalized glasses!nechvatal-7_WEB Kaleigh’s dress was a SHOWSTOPPER!!nechvatal-59_WEB While I photographed the girls, Mike was photographing the guys getting ready at their house.  And playing a bit of poker :)nechvatal-48_WEB Peter sent a surprise bouquet, by Studio Dan Meiners, and gift to Kaleigh, it was so sweet :)nechvatal-81_WEB nechvatal-124_WEB Hello lovely bride :)nechvatal-137_WEB Oh gosh, seeing Kaleigh’s Dad and Brother see her in her dress was so awesome and emotional :)nechvatal-140_WEB I just loved this staircase for Peter & Kaleigh’s first look!!!!nechvatal-179_WEB nechvatal-180_WEB nechvatal-176_WEB nechvatal-182_WEB Now this a sharp looking wedding party!!!!!  Loved the bridesmaid’s black fur while Kaleigh wore white!!!!nechvatal-236_WEB nechvatal-250_WEB nechvatal-237_WEB nechvatal-273_WEB What a great sunshiny day :)nechvatal-277_WEBKaleigh making my job easy :)nechvatal-256_WEB nechvatal-294_WEB nechvatal-297_WEB nechvatal-306_WEB nechvatal-316_WEB nechvatal-324_WEB nechvatal-365_WEB Best smiles ever :)nechvatal-393_WEB nechvatal-434_WEB nechvatal-525_WEB nechvatal-518_WEB Madi taking care of business!nechvatal-534_WEB Ready!nechvatal-563_WEB nechvatal-589_WEB nechvatal-593_WEB Woot!  Woot!  MARRIED!!!!nechvatal-459_WEB nechvatal-652_WEB Some of my favorites!  Especially since I photographed Kaleigh in this fountain for her senior photos!!!nechvatal-688_WEB nechvatal-453_WEB nechvatal-732_WEB nechvatal-770_WEB Ha!  This 2nd photo is the face of a bride wondering which direction her Dad’s speech is going, the 3rd is glad it was funny 😉nechvatal-826_WEB Beautiful MOH and handsome BM!

nechvatal-854_WEB nechvatal-870_WEB Both bride and groom took a moment to personally invite their dad and mom to dance!  And when Peter got choked up asking his mom to the dance floor, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!nechvatal-885_WEB nechvatal-932_WEB Dj Ray keeping them dancing!nechvatal-987_WEB NYE 2016 champaign and cocktails!!!!!nechvatal-1077_WEB

nechvatal-1056_WEB nechvatal-1043_WEB nechvatal-1092_WEB 2017!  Let’s make it great!!!nechvatal-1039_WEBCongratulation Kaleigh & Peter!!!!  I am so happy for you both and your families!!!!!!!!  xoxoxo!!!!


Laura & Taylor Married!!!!
weddings | January 19th 2017

It has been a bit since I have posted to the blog.  I discovered I had a bit less time on my hands with a new baby and a busy fall schedule 😉  So I will probably try to back blog this winter to show off some of the fall weddings.  I really had some amazing fall weddings with lots of great stories!!!!  But I am going to kick the blog back up with my last wedding weekend of 2016.  I had two weddings to shoot the last weekend of the year and they were both amazing and completely different, great for keeping the creative juices flowing!!!

Taylor & Laura were married Dec 30th with a lovely reception at Loose Mansion.  Loose Mansion is wonderful for all of the beautiful rooms and lovely fireplaces, every little nook and corner has beauty, character and a warm cozy feeling :)

Shout out to the awesome help I had for the day with my 2nd shooter Nicole and my assistant Paige.  Couldn’t swing a double header weekend without a bit of help especially after having the flu at Christmas 😉

montgomery-40_WEB montgomery-58_WEB While the girls were getting pampered with hair and makeup in one room, the boys had a little texas holdem  game going on.montgomery-11_WEB montgomery-63_WEB Everything about Laura’s wedding look said classic timeless beauty.montgomery-110_WEB montgomery-95_WEB montgomery-116_WEB Laura’s sister was so sweet to watch as their dad saw Laura in her dress :)montgomery-123_WEB montgomery-139_WEB It was such a happy moment when Taylor got to see Laura in her dress for the first time on their wedding day :)montgomery-157_WEB montgomery-165_WEB montgomery-172_WEB montgomery-173_WEB I was just dying over the lovely florals by Good Earth Floral!!!montgomery-196_WEB montgomery-211_WEB montgomery-224_WEB montgomery-253_WEB montgomery-268_WEB Beautiful ladies and handsome gents!!!montgomery-271_WEB montgomery-280_WEB montgomery-302_WEB montgomery-324_WEB montgomery-364_WEB montgomery-320_WEB montgomery-373_WEB So sweet :)montgomery-379_WEB montgomery-383_WEB The flower girls and ring bearer were all adorable :)montgomery-451_WEB montgomery-487_WEB Yay for sparkler exits :)montgomery-546_WEB On the way back to the reception we had to make a plaza light pitstop :)montgomery-569_WEB montgomery-573_WEBI love seeing old wedding photos displayed at receptions.  It is so cool to see the different styles and a great way to honor your family history :)
montgomery-565_WEB montgomery-69_WEB montgomery-623_WEB montgomery-675_WEB montgomery-651_WEB The speeches were all so wonderful!  I always feel like I get to know the couple after hearing the speeches :)montgomery-715_WEB montgomery-723_WEB montgomery-739_WEB Yummy donuts!!!!!!!montgomery-767_WEB montgomery-680_WEB montgomery-885_WEBCongratulations Laura & Taylor!!!!  May your 2017 be as wonderful at the end of 2016!!!!



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