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Hannah and Perry were married in Kansas City in January on quite  the chilly day, no worries though, the venues were warm and cozy!  They started their  day getting ready at Hotel Phillips, a beautiful hotel just walking distance from their reception at The Baltimore Club (Brass on Baltimore).  We took advantage of as many indoor locations to photograph the wedding party before the wedding and managed about 5-7 minutes of outdoor time after the ceremony with some beautiful flurries and gorgeous skies and KC skyline in the background before turning into popsicles 😉  It was a beautiful ceremony at Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral.  What a very very lovely church!  Everyone was dancing the night away at the reception with Lost Wax killing it as always!  I always feel like I am at a personal concert when I get to hear awesome bands at weddings!  KC has some serious talent!

Big thanks to Mike Tsai for second shooting with me the whole day!!

I will start with Hannah’s lovely dress and of course her lovely freckles!  I just die about photographing beautiful freckle gals!!!!

gross-8 gross-28 This will totally be me when my kids get married :)gross-39 Love freckles!!!!!!!  Beautiful bride!gross-44 Hello lovlies!gross-60 This beading and V-back!!!!!!  Love!gross-66 gross-71 Super sweet first look with her dad!!!gross-83 The photo below is a photo of the owner of the napkin wrapped around Hannah’s bouquet!  Lovely bouquet by Blue Bouquet!gross-97 gross-241 gross-104 gross-119 Love these!!!gross-109 gross-113 BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!gross-117 gross-141 gross-153 Some of my favorites of the day!!!!!gross-202Yes!!!  Another favorite!
gross-193 gross-164 gross-186 gross-145 gross-206 gross-226 gross-194 gross-234 gross-276 gross-296 gross-292 gross-308 And they are MARRIED!!!!!gross-431 gross-433 Oh gosh!  So lovely and so cold :)  But I am glad you braved the cold for a couple of these photos!gross-435 gross-440 This wedding party knows how to have fun!  gross-462 gross-468 gross-475 gross-479 gross-387 gross-498 gross-555 gross-572 gross-583 So soooooo good!!!!gross-875 gross-621 gross-717 gross-939 It was a nice touch having a coffee bar and smores bar for a winter wedding!gross-846 gross-887 And of course, one can not leave this venue without getting a chandelier shot!!!!!  The best in town!gross-605 gross-612cCongratulations Hannah & Perry!!!!!!!!  Wishing you a lifetime of smiles and snuggles!!!!!


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