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Holy moly is there a lot of crazy awesome components to Jake & Carly’s wedding!  I might be biased, but some of the most fun I ever had shooting a wedding!  Jake & Carly are Lake Lotawana Lake Rats, a term referred to the local lake lotawananians (I made that word up I think!) who have lived around this lake for a good part of their lives and enjoy it daily!  So that is just one aspect of the awesome to this wedding :)  One of the best parts of the day was watching how dang happy they were together.  The moment they saw each other the first time on their wedding day was the moment the smiles never stopped for the rest of the night.  Another awesome (and a bit worrisome) part of the day was that a crazy storm was brewing!  It was kind of exciting, made for awesome cloud photos, with just a bit of “I hope a tornado doesn’t head toward this barn” aspect, lol!  I loved that I got to see so many peeps from the lake there having fun including my hubby-I included a few dance shots!  Madi Sanders did an amazing job coordinating the day, Mike Tsai did an amazing job 2nd shooting with me, the flowers were so awesome, the FOOD!  OHHHH THE FOOD! The dress!  The dancing!!!  So much awesome! I  better start telling the rest of the story with the photos :)  I will start with the cute little B&B in Weston, MO where the girls were getting ready. carruthers-1 carruthers-4 And the DRESS!!!  O.M.G!!carruthers-7 Carly & Jake’s gifts to each other were super awesome!  Carly’s Chanel bag is so fun because it is sporting her new initials :)carruthers-21 While I was in Weston with the girls getting ready, Mike was photographing the boys getting ready at the National Golf Course!carruthers-29 I just have to say HOLY CALF MUSCLES CARLY!  Dancing legs 😉carruthers-64 carruthers-88 carruthers-222 carruthers-79 When editing the photos of the girls toasting champagne in Weston, I realized from the time of the photos that the boys were toasting beers at The National only one minute apart!  Kind of a cool coincident :)carruthers-99 This is the first time I teared up for the day.  When Carly’s dad first saw his baby girl in her wedding dress and then gave her a card with a photo of her aunt who has passed so she could be with her on her wedding day :(carruthers-110 I loved this part of the dress so much and it could come off later for dancing :)carruthers-138 Miss Madi getting Jake ready for his girl :)carruthers-139Mike caught this photo of me chatting with Jake and checking white balance right before the first look.  I was smiling all day :) carruthers-143 How awesome is Carly’s expression when seeing Jake?carruthers-145 carruthers-168 Since we weren’t AT the lake, we had to get a boat pic when we saw this :)carruthers-181 Here is when you know that you don’t have to stress about your bride’s shoes the rest of the day-when she sees a compost garden and walks right through it.  Yep!  That happened!  #tomboy #lakerat #shoesstilllookedawesomecarruthers-178 Beautiful ladies!  And I loved the colors!carruthers-191 carruthers-199 carruthers-202 LOVE!carruthers-214 carruthers-243 carruthers-261 carruthers-268 carruthers-275 Downtown Weston was having a vw bus convention while we were there.  And if that wasn’t awesome enough, Cate & John DePrisco were there with The Photo Bus and let us jump in for some photos!!!  I felt like it was our lucky day :)  Thanks Cate & John if you are reading this :)carruthers-281 carruthers-290 carruthers-304 carruthers-305 Another awesome part of the day!  Stopping for a beer at RJ’s!  Maybe my first wedding photo with a giant deer head and Clint Eastwood in the background, oh yeah!!!!!carruthers-324 The day was still looking beautiful with blue skies at this point!carruthers-338 carruthers-344 Ha!  A little shout out to Mallory & Harold (former bride & groom of mine) that we spied in Weston!  I also saw another former groom, Aaron Dennis, in Weston!  So crazy!carruthers-345 carruthers-347 carruthers-373 I have been dying to photograph a bride with a birdcage veil!!!!  Soooooooo pretty!!!!carruthers-387 carruthers-414 Don’t they look so happy?!carruthers-429A little Irish flair!  They were led out with bagpipes playing! carruthers-493My jaw dropped when I walked into the reception!  I have never seen Red Barn Farm look so elegant!carruthers-518 carruthers-521 They had food trucks for dinner and everyone raved about the food!  The ahi tuna sliders were so good I still think about them all the time!carruthers-532 After having fun shooting downtown Weston before the ceremony, I was super excited to shoot in the vineyard and orchard at the farm!!!!!carruthers-543 carruthers-559 carruthers-566 The storm was a brewing :)carruthers-579 carruthers-591 Mike caught this awesome bridesmaid moment :)  carruthers-602A few shots of folks I adore!  Either former bride & groom or mostly peeps that were also at my own wedding :)  One of me & hubby courtesy of Mike :) carruthers-604 carruthers-634 And after the grand entrance the wind kicked up and the downpour started!  Mike & Madi helping move the booze inside-very important :)carruthers-661 The skies before and during the storm!carruthers-618 carruthers-677 Speeches were so good :)  carruthers-692 carruthers-749 carruthers-770 Sweet moments :)carruthers-808Let the dancing begin!!!!!  I knew it would be a good dance party but I don’t think I knew just how awesome! carruthers-842 Wedding dresses are not necessarily made for some serious dance moves, and nothing was going to stop this bride from breaking it down.  So, yes, she did tie her dress up into knots.  And man did they dance!!!!!carruthers-926 First time I got to dance with my hubby while I was working :)  Thanks for shooting this Mike Tsai, I love them!carruthers-1032 carruthers-1039 Another favorite moment.  Right in the middle of all the fun they just stop in the middle of the dance floor to kiss.carruthers-1045 I was laughing so hard when I saw Carli on the floor and then was surprised when one of the groomsmen were leaping over her!carruthers-1094 Ha!  Aaron doing thriller moves and pretty sure Zach was doing the zombi !carruthers-1145   Congratulations Jake & Carly!!!!!!!  See you on the lake!!!!!!!

Angela & Blair’s wedding was crazy fun!  From the very beginning everyone was so relaxed and happy.  I knew this wedding would be great to photograph.  Angela had great ideas on decorations and all of the details (All time best Photo Booth setup!).  Their ceremony was going to be on the lawn at the KC Convention Center with the Kaufmann Performing Arts Center in the background, but due to the entire month of rainy days, the lawn was a bit too wet to have a wedding.  But they were able to move it over just a bit to the covered solid ground which was still awesome……..and a giant wind tunnel :)

The reception was at The Bride & the Bauer which is just soooooooooooo pretty and one of my favorite spots to photograph!!!!!! I will start with a fun little experiment I was playing around with.  I have done some fun double exposures in camera but this is in photoshop.  And I love it :)  This double exposure is with the flowers at the reception :)  I am kinda dying about it :)  :)   hinkle-133bNow to start with all the fun the girls were having getting ready!  First time photographing a little badminton in the prep room :)hinkle-38 hinkle-47 Singing some fun popular songs from college into mock microphones=awesome photos and laughs :)hinkle-60 The Bride & the Bauer might just have the best bridal room EVER :)  And how awesome are these shoes!  And her necklace goes with the theme of the wedding!hinkle-69 hinkle-88The guys just chillaxing over breakfast :) hinkle-9 hinkle-118 hinkle-91 hinkle-123Succulents in bouquets are awesome! hinkle-142There are so many favorite details of the day and the groom and groomsmen bobble heads are definitely one of them :) hinkle-24 hinkle-97 hinkle-149 Angela came up the freight elevator to see Blair for the first time on their wedding day :)hinkle-151 hinkle-167 One of my favorite photos :)  I love their kissing in the reflection :)hinkle-173 hinkle-197 The hearts on strings background for the Photo Booth is another favorite!  So pretty!!!!!!hinkle-188 hinkle-190 hinkle-201 hinkle-212 This wedding party was incredibly fun and when it came time for dancing-they brought it!hinkle-261 While I was photographing the girls my second photographer Nikki was photographing the guys!  A big thanks to Nikki for getting great shots all day long!!!!!hinkle-270 hinkle-284 hinkle-309 hinkle-295 hinkle-310 hinkle-321 The alter was so beautiful!  Look at the wind blowing the table cloth, it was soooooo windy!hinkle-422 These kids were super cuties!hinkle-433 Good catch to Angela’s Dad as the veil went flying off walking down the aisle!hinkle-439hinkle-463 Woot!  Woot!  They are married!!!!hinkle-564 hinkle-574 Hello Lovelies :)hinkle-608 hinkle-616 Another fave!hinkle-613 hinkle-631 On the right here, the groomsmen kept popping up in the background the in the game whack a mole, it was so funny!hinkle-642 hinkle-651 hinkle-657 hinkle-674 Now to all the lovely decorations!!!!!!!!hinkle-552 And the best Photo Booth ever!!!!  Angela made all of the props!hinkle-221 hinkle-213 hinkle-691 hinkle-704 hinkle-720 Angela & Blair’s first dance spontaneously went from a slow dance to a very fast, fun, bouncy dance!  Another favorite part of the day for me :)hinkle-784 hinkle-792 hinkle-380 The dance party was great with The Patrick Lentz Band rocking the house!hinkle-810 I also got to get a shot of Patrick Lentz dancing with his beautiful wife!  They are both friends of the bride and groom :)hinkle-893 hinkle-879Best rainy night view :) hinkle-901 hinkle-982 hinkle-1012 We ended the night with a few shots under the lights!  Some of my favorite of the night!hinkle-1023 hinkle-1024

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