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Ashley & Michael were married on a beautiful fall day in October in Bucyrus, KS.  Their church was so lovely with all of the stained glass and ornate details.  They had a great reception under the stars and trees at Ashley’s fathers home.  It was cozy, romantic and simply wonderful.   Family and friends laughed, cried, enjoyed great conversations and danced the night away to live music under the twinkle lights :)  My heart felt full after witnessing all of the parts of this special day :)

I will start with Ashley’s beautiful dress!

magnusson-8 magnusson-20 magnusson-40 magnusson-56 magnusson-32 I am normally not a person to mess with bees but this guy was just hanging out right underneath where I was doing to ring shots not moving a bit so I gave it a shot and he still didn’t move :)  magnusson-82 magnusson-91 magnusson-114 magnusson-134 magnusson-206 magnusson-219 magnusson-228 magnusson-233 magnusson-237 So lovely!  This location was awesome and my first time there!magnusson-239 magnusson-248 magnusson-257 magnusson-260 magnusson-262 Handsome groom!magnusson-287 Beautiful bride!magnusson-281 magnusson-293 magnusson-339 magnusson-355 magnusson-365 magnusson-346 magnusson-385 magnusson-403 magnusson-425 Could all first dance shots look like this please :)magnusson-476 magnusson-480 magnusson-489 magnusson-502 magnusson-568 magnusson-634Congratulations Ashley & Michael!  I wish you a lifetime of dancing under the stars :)


What a crazy amazing celebration on Sept 26, 2015.  Katie and Don’s wedding day was just perfect.  I was super excited to be shooting their wedding as I just love them and all of their friends.  Katie and Don have been bridesmaids and groomsmen in several of their friends wedding over the past few years that I have also photographed, so I knew what I had to look forward to.  They really do have just an amazing group of close friends who are as kind and genuine as Katie & Don.  And they are SOOOOOO FUN ON THE DANCEFLOOR!!!!!!!    I can always count on some crazy moves, some splits and at some point someone splitting their pants 😉  Everyone had a smile on their faces the whole day!

And as much fun as it was, the whole day was equally beautiful, full of emotion, wonderful decorations and special touches.

The wedding and the reception was at The Bride & Bauer which is an incredibly beautiful venue to photograph.  I felt like I won the jackpot on all counts :)

Big thanks to Jessica Moore for helping me capture the day :)

I will start with the girls getting ready shots and maybe my favorite dress shot of all time!   How amazing are ALL of the dresses?!?!!?

wilson-57 wilson-2 wilson-10 wilson-67 While I was hanging with the ladies, Jessica was photographing the boys getting ready :)wilson-34 wilson-44 I love these moments of Don with his mom and dad before the day got under way :)wilson-108 wilson-93 Hello beautiful lady :)wilson-121 wilson-153 wilson-138 wilson-147 wilson-191 The moment Katie’s dad saw her in her wedding dress was so sweet, I can’t even imagine how emotional it is to see your little girl all grown up about to get married.  I think I am going to cry just thinking about it!wilson-175 wilson-194 And the first look!!!!!  Yay!  They were so happy to get the day started!wilson-205 O.M.G.  I die about this!wilson-236 wilson-242pretty wedding party :)
wilson-255 wilson-257 wilson-264 Another fave!wilson-276 wilson-283 Funsies!wilson-279 SO MANY GOOD ONES!wilson-293 wilson-303 wilson-309 wilson-312 wilson-323 This group is rad :)wilson-321 wilson-329 wilson-338 wilson-342 wilson-386 wilson-408 wilson-415 wilson-448 wilson-457 wilson-466 Love the sock photo :)wilson-480 wilson-486 Now for some of the awesome details.  AWESOME HASHTAG!wilson-488 Caught this little lady taking a break in the middle of the aisle before the ceremony, lol!wilson-574 What a beautiful ceremony!wilson-583 wilson-610 wilson-638 wilson-669 wilson-687Woot!  Woot!  They are married!
wilson-690 wilson-702 wilson-708 wilson-726 wilson-743 The candles were one of my favorite thing.   Katie, her mom and sister went around collecting old jars, cups and lots of cool glassware and they handmade all of these candles for guest favors!!!   I have one  (that cute blue one, GO ROYALS!) and it smells amazing!  OH!  And the glass globes hanging under the alter!  So great!  wilson-746 wilson-764 wilson-767 wilson-832 Perfect speeches, laughs and tears :)wilson-856 wilson-914 wilson-925 wilson-951 And the party gets started!!!!!!!!   I love the sweet random moments between Katie & Don on the dance floor :)wilson-987 wilson-1064 This is a group of some serious Chiefs fans and boy did they go crazy when KC Wolf came trotting in!wilson-1092 They ended the night under beautiful lights and sparklers.  What a perfect wedding!wilson-1180 wilson-1183 Love the photobomb :)wilson-1197Congratulations!  Congratulations!!!   I hope their are still some single guys in that group and we can do this all again ;)!!!


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