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When I finish editing a wedding, I always feel like I was just there.  So I am freshly reminded of all the wonderful parts of Sarah & Joe’s wedding day.  I hope all of these photos will make you feel like you were just there as well :) I had so much fun tooling around Chicago with Sarah & Joe for their engagement session, which you can see here!   I can’t wait to go back and explore even more of Chicago! But what was really cool about their wedding day was not only seeing the love they had for each other but all the love their family and friends have for both of them. We started the day at the Intercontinental getting ready and where their reception would be as well!  That was super awesome!  I really do love seeing brides dresses and was in awe when Sarah put hers on! A big thanks to Nate for shooting with me all day and McKenna for being a super helper and capturing some cool shots too! So I will start with the lovely dress and fab Kate Spade shoes :) thomas-18 thomas-4 Loved the cuff links!!!  thomas-7 Joe had gifts for his grandparents.  I love these photos that Nate captured!thomas-26 Their cards to each other were super sweet :)thomas-57 Really?  Gorgeous group of ladies for sure!thomas-71 thomas-77 thomas-86 I really really love Sarah’s parents.  Her mom giggles and laughs so that it makes you smile right with her.  And it is cool how Sarah has the same crinkle nose when she is really smiling like her mom, so cute :)thomas-97 thomas-102 thomas-104 This was definitely a part of the day that made me teary.  It was really special to be able to see Mr. Reedy see his baby girl in her wedding dress for the first time.thomas-118 thomas-122 I love this spot!  I want to photograph here every single time!thomas-123 Such lovely florals!  So feminine with just the right amount of color.thomas-140 thomas-149 Another moment that makes me teary.  My own son just came home from college for the holiday today and this mother/son moment is something I am so glad I captured.  Totally have eyes watering right now!thomas-162 thomas-220 thomas-195 thomas-229 thomas-239 MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!thomas-311 I have to show this photo of Joe and his dad.  They have the same great smile also!


thomas-338 Brilliant bridesmaid idea :)thomas-340 thomas-391 Now they have a Chicago AND Kansas City skyline photo!!!!!!!!thomas-408 thomas-413 thomas-437 thomas-440 thomas-445 We were at the fountain in the prime time of the ROYALS BLUE water!!!!!  thomas-495 thomas-499 thomas-503 thomas-504 thomas-521 Gosh what a gorgeous day this was!!!!!thomas-517 thomas-545 thomas-578 thomas-599 So many awesome things about their reception!  I loved that their favors where wine stoppers and cheese knives!  It made me want to be a guest, ha!thomas-592 A gorgeous sunset view was going on while everyone was enjoying cocktail hour!thomas-629I don’t know where they got their “love” Chicago skyline photo done but it looked awesome! thomas-639 Also a super cool Bourbon Bar going on!thomas-641 thomas-668 thomas-757One of my favorite photos of the day :) thomas-780 Joe and Sarah had a really great choreographed first dance!  So fun!!!!!thomas-788 thomas-790 And Sarah and her Dad followed suit with a great great dance!thomas-804 thomas-810Right in the middle of Joe’s dance with his mom, they had his grandparents cut in for a special dance at that time.  The look on Joe’s grandma’s face was so happy.  Totally had everyone tearing up!!!!!  Nate busted me doing the same 😉  I am such a sap! thomas-815 Then Kokomo got the party started!!!!thomas-848 Here comes another awesome surprise!  Mr. Reedy put on his Royals Reedy shirt and  joined the band on guitar for a few numbers!  And he is awesome!  thomas-984 thomas-991 Speaking of awesome!  Joe’s sister can sing!  I mean really really good!!!!!!!  She busted out some Tina Turner and the crowd went wild!!!!!!!thomas-1017 thomas-724 I have been DYING to share this photo, so I leave you with this little piece of awesomeness that Nate rocked!!!!  Sweet end of the night double exposure with the city lights!!!!!!!thomas-1089   Congratulations Joe & Sarah!!!!!!!!!

When I am editing someone’s wedding photos, I feel a little bad sometimes that I get to relive all the awesome moments and parts of the day before I deliver the photos to the brides and grooms.  But it is really fun to go through all of the photos that I took and all of them that my second photographer, Nate took and perfect them for the couple and their families :) I am excited to share Melissa & Ed’s photos of their wonderful wedding celebration.  And I wanted to share a few from their engagement shoot that I haven’t shared yet!  I flew to Dallas, where Melissa & Ed live, and we had a great time shooting around the city and a wonderful time having tacos and margaritas afterwards :)  I enjoyed so much getting to know them.  And if you are reading this and know these two, I am sure you also adore them, because it is impossible not to :)  Ohhhhhh, I feel warm just thinking about this day in Texas! melissa-104blog melissa-187blog melissa-206blog melissa-211web melissa-215blog   And now back to their wedding day!!!!!  I will start with the girls getting ready and Melissa’s beautiful dress and super fab shoes! hegedus-8 hegedus-41TWO incredible dresses and Jimmy Choos!!!!!! hegedus-128 hegedus-70hegedus-25
hegedus-58 hegedus-109 Seriously, Melissa made my job so easy.  She is such a beauty :)hegedus-133 Craig Sole setting the handsome groom up with his boutonniere before he was to see his bride to be :)hegedus-162 Their first look was so sweet :)  And Melissa had a great surprise gift for Ed :)hegedus-146 hegedus-152 hegedus-183 I have to say that I really really loved this wedding party too!  Such a fun classy party!hegedus-198 hegedus-206 hegedus-227 hegedus-261 I will admit that I think this is extra great because of Edward’s dimples and Melissa’s arms :)  Whoa guns!hegedus-269 hegedus-279 hegedus-300 I am always a fan of a big champagne spray :)hegedus-321And this is what you call a movie star kiss!!!!!!hegedus-330 Super favorite!hegedus-333 hegedus-336 Our Lady of Sorrows is one of my favorite churches.  So Beautiful!!!!hegedus-432 hegedus-351 Beautiful flowers by Craig Sole Design!hegedus-357 hegedus-360 hegedus-372 hegedus-427 hegedus-444 hegedus-469 Their reception was at The Gallery, and it was so elegant!!!!!!!!hegedus-521 hegedus-525 While I thought the whole reception was incredible I was over the moon by this little touch.  The way the lights hit the crystals made beautiful photos and a great way to separate the areas!hegedus-546 hegedus-602 hegedus-664 hegedus-658 So much fun to be had!!!!!!!!!  I love the flower girl bribing the other with a starburst :)  And of course Melissa’s reception dress!!!hegedus-778 I am a sucker for this view!  Every. Single. Time.hegedus-770   Congratulations!!!!!!!!  I hope you are having a super awesome time on your honeymoon!!!!!!


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