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It is always exciting to get to travel to another city for an engagement or wedding to photograph.  I love exploring and photographing new scenes.  I flew to Chicago where Sarah & Joe both live to photograph their engagement session.  Their wedding will be here in KC this fall.  I always think it is a great idea to have your engagement session in the area where a couple is starting their lives together.  It will be such a wonderful way to remind them of that time no matter where they end up living down the road :)

I had a lot of favorites from this session and a great quick tour of Chicago :)  One of my favorites are under this bridge!  I LOVED this spot :)

sarah-24 sarah-29 sarah-34 LOVE!!!!!sarah-36 Green light!  It’s a go for the wedding 😉sarah-42 sarah-44 sarah-58 When we drove by this amazing church I wanted to photograph, Joe stopped the cab and we hopped out.  It was soooo beautiful!sarah-59 sarah-66And back in another cab to the next location :)
sarah-73 Water, sun, sand and a beautiful view.  This would be my happy spot if I lived there :)sarah-79 sarah-87 sarah-96 Then we headed to Joe’s apartment which had a great view for a glass of wine before dinner and a few rooftop photos :)  Chicago in a glass :)sarah-118b sarah-122 Adorable cabbie photos :)sarah-127

June was filled with wonderful weddings all around the city.  It is always a very busy fun month for weddings.  I got to photograph wonderful weddings all month and ended the June month  incredibly for sure!  Hannah & Joe’s wedding day was filled with wonderful happy moments, lots of laughs & giggles, some tears of joy and great dance moves :) After photographing Hannah’s senior photos years ago I had always hoped to be her wedding photographer :)  Her beautiful blue eyes and long dark hair really is a photographer’s dream come true.  And of course when I met Joe and saw the way he smiled at Hannah and those dimples of his……really?  Luckiest wedding photographer out there on June 28th goes tooooooooooooo……….me :) Really, I do fell lucky to photograph such important milestones in peoples lives.  And I also photographed a few of Hannah’s bridesmaids and her brother’s senior photos as well!  Such a great group of young men and women.  And boy are they all fun 😉  They were smiling, dancing and singing all day. It is always so hard to pick photos for the blog when I have a million favorites, so this is going to be a big blog post :) Starting with Hannah’s dress & shoes.  o.m.g.  The dress has feathers!!!!!  And the color of her shoes, I need a dress that color!!! bedard-5 man…those eyes!bedard-24 I loved this sweet moment of Hannah with her mom :)  bedard-29 Such a beautiful dress and bride of course :)bedard-45 bedard-91 bedard-83 I always love seeing grandparents at weddings :)  bedard-144 The flower girl was a hoot with her m&m’s!bedard-179 Awwwww!  I love how happy Joe is to see his bride for the first time walking down the aisle :)bedard-193 bedard-201 bedard-226 They’re married!!!!!!bedard-313 Ha!  I thought the random shirtless guy was pretty funny in a wedding photo!bedard-317 Since Hannah & Joe’s ceremony was early in the day they had TWO receptions!  A cocktail reception at Club 1000 with their traditional reception hours later at the Marriott Briarcliff.  First photo featuring Hannah’s pretty mom and handsome brother.  Second, I love the look I caught Hannah giving Joe.  Cute as heck :)   Also photos of Joe’s parents (you can see why he is such a cutie!), little cuties and Hannah & some the girls :)bedard-347 bedard-358 bedard-389 Super fun group!bedard-402 I COULD HAVE PHOTOGRAPHED THEM FOR DAYS!bedard-410 Really?  Those dimples are killing me :)bedard-422 bedard-446 bedard-447 Cutie girls :)bedard-472 bedard-523 bedard-527 It did give us a bit of rain here and there but mostly we were pretty lucky for photos :)bedard-535 bedard-542 bedard-547 bedard-585 bedard-553 Super fave!!!!!bedard-582 I am sooooooo glad we got some veil shots!  Yay to Hannah’s mom!bedard-599 Then we headed to the reception when it started raining more.  How about this cake?!?!?!?!?!  Everyone was in awe when they entered the room!bedard-614 bedard-618 bedard-670 bedard-679 bedard-750 bedard-820Congratulations to the Happy Couple and their families!!!!!!

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