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Megan & Jason were married on May 9th,  a beautiful  friday at 28 event space!  Their wedding was awesome!!!   It is pretty fun for all the guests when the ceremony and reception are at the same location.  While their immediate family were all seated in rows forming an aisle for Megan to walk down, the rest of the guests were seated comfortably at their tables to watch then say their vows :) And before the ceremony was super fun too!  Everyone was excited, mingling, and grabbing a cocktail.  The air was buzzing with excitement for the evening to come! I started the day out with the girls sipping champagne while they were getting their hair and make up done for the day!  Nothing screams festivities like a mimosa!  I think every gal should pick a day to sip mimosas and just feel festive :) Megan’s dress was a 2 piece beautiful dress!  I so wish I would have thought of that for my own wedding! sommerville-1 I loved these fun glasses they had for everyone as the favors! sommerville-13 sommerville-22 sommerville-35 sommerville-104 sommerville-66 They were so excited to see each other  in their wedding duds :)sommerville-133 sommerville-153 sommerville-161 sommerville-158 sommerville-174 These ladies were pros :)sommerville-183 sommerville-194 sommerville-189 I love the shot my assistant got of the bridesmaid helping with the veil drop and then scooting out of the way, lol!sommerville-221 sommerville-277 One of my faves!!!!sommerville-258 Another favorite!sommerville-288 Ok, so these two are also my favorites 😉sommerville-295 sommerville-27 sommerville-38 sommerville-349 I was sooooo excited to see Jamie & Evan, who’s wedding I also photographed :)  They are super awesome :)sommerville-356 sommerville-350 Oh my gosh, there were a few tears shed as Megan’s dad walked her down the aisle :)  It was so sweet :)sommerville-400 sommerville-424 sommerville-543 sommerville-556 sommerville-507sommerville-573sommerville-617This was a whole lot of fun to watch in the making :)sommerville-631Congratulations Megan and Jason on your wedding and congrats on that great catch in Cabo!!!!!!!

Lauren & Garrett were married on a very delightful warm spring day but it was also a very very windy day!  Lauren and Garrett both seemed to be relaxed and at ease on their wedding day and were anxious to see each other and super anxious to enjoy a fun reception at the Dark Horse Distillery with all of their friends and family.  The Dark Horse Distillery is such a cool venue with warm tones in all the woodwork and bar area.  We started the day off with everyone getting ready nearby before we went to the distillery for their first look!!!

Lauren had some fabulous and yet comfortable to dance in Jimmy Choos!!!!  And her daughter’s dress was soooo adorable!
coffey-3 coffey-70

While I was hanging out with the girls my second photographer, Mike Tsai, was hanging with the boys capturing some getting ready shots :)coffey-40

I don’t know why I find it funny that Garrett is opening his present from Lauren, which is an awesome knife, with a knife, lol!coffey-55

And great job Garrett for bringing a tear to Lauren’s eye with your note and what a beautiful beautiful necklace that matches Lauren’s ring!!!!!coffey-86 coffey-109 I always love the moment when a bride and groom see each other or the first time on their wedding day!  So much excitement!coffey-149 Whats better than dude photos with whiskey barrels?   The girls with the whiskey barrels :)coffey-133 coffey-139

Holy amazing flowers!!!!coffey-164 The bar at the distillery is such an awesome spot for photos!!!coffey-184

One of my favorite things about spring is when the spring trees start blooming so I was so excited to get some spring bridal photos!!!!  But the wind was killing us so we had to work fast :)coffey-217 coffey-260 Super cute!!!!!!coffey-258 coffey-266 coffey-267 coffey-288 coffey-292 coffey-339 Ava reminds me of my little lady, cute as heck :)coffey-351 Handsome groom!coffey-343

I am going to give a little love to the bridal shoot I had with Lauren!  It was sooooooo awesome to have some extra time to shoot pretty bridals!  special thanks to Californos for letting us shoot there!

lauren-155web lauren-116web lauren-125web lauren-129web lauren-142web lauren-143web

Oh my goodness how I love the photo of Ava carrying her mom’s veil!coffey-355

Of course the cakes where awesome!   They are from Classic Cake!!!!!coffey-309I love this sassy photo with the whiskey barrels!


I have to admit it was hard not to smile and laugh when someone accidentally popped one the streamer packs that were to be popped after the ceremony while Lauren was walking down the aisle.  That will be a memorable moment for them :)coffey-404 coffey-451

Cue in streamers :)  coffey-463 I love it when I see the emotion of the day really hit :)coffey-477 coffey-560


coffey-597 How cute are these little salads?!?!!?!?!?!!?coffey-606


coffey-676 coffey-713 :)  coffey-718 coffey-727

Boy was it a PARTY!!!!!!!coffey-794 coffey-986

I had to catch a shot of a couple of the gals who were teasing my 2nd shooter a bit on the dance floor.  If you know Mike, this is pretty funny :)coffey-826 coffey-973Congratulations !!!!!!  Garrett and Lauren just got back from their Curacao honeymoon so it is perfect timing for some wedding photos :)


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