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…..oh how I love NYE weddings!  The excitement of the holidays still in the air, the sparkle & glitz, new opportunities and hope, new goals and dreams, reflecting on the happy memories of the year- All of this and a WEDDING!!!!!!!!  What a great way to enter the New Year with a full heart.

I was glad to spend it watching Lindsey & Jeff smile and laugh with each other :)  It was a sunny day with mild temperatures but the wind was CRAZY.  We really have had a windy season now that I think about it, lol!

Lindsey & Jeff were married at the Country Club Congregational United Church of Christ with their reception following at Loose Mansion.  It was fun for me to end my year shooting at their Church because that was where I shot my first wedding of 2013 as well!  My second shooter, Mike Tsai, started and ended the year shooting with me as well :)

I will start with the girls getting ready and Lindsey’s dress!  Oh my what a dress!!!!  Check out the cake that was designed to match the top of Lindsey’s dress!!!!!!

nelson-1 nelson-15 nelson-50 nelson-75 nelson-94


This is what my job is about….right here….the moments you can feel.  I could look at this a hundred times and feel goose bumpy over Lindsey’s dad seeing his girl in her wedding dress.


Another very favorite moment of the day!  Jeff and Lindsey were sooooo happy to see each other :)nelson-138

I must get a fireplace and decorate it exactly like this!!!!!nelson-108

Puffy Heart this photo!!!!nelson-115

& this one!nelson-169 nelson-192 nelson-235 nelson-247

It is always fun to see Mike’s angle while I am taking the group shots, lol!nelson-294 nelson-308 nelson-319

Such lovely ladies!  And handsome men 😉nelson-322 nelson-365

My first ring in snow photo :)nelson-239

Shy little flower girls are the cutest!nelson-484 nelson-493 nelson-529 nelson-537 nelson-565

Nothing better than the plaza during the holidays :)nelson-585 nelson-600

Check out the cake!  Refer back to bride’s dress!!!nelson-604 nelson-694

I didn’t notice the shot on the right when I took it, only when editing.  Soooooo funny!nelson-700

So……anyone listening to the speeches might remember this part of the speech that elicited these reactions.  I was enjoying editing these soooo much, lol.  The expressions are priceless!  Lindsey’s dad left them in awe…and then in tears :)nelson-711 nelson-735 nelson-793 Also, it was so fun to see some of my past brides and grooms and now a future bride and groom at this wedding!nelson-827 nelson-931

Lindsey switched to a party dress for some NYE’s dancing!!!  Adorable!nelson-1058

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!nelson-993

Zack & Anna were married on the last friday in October which was a beautiful fall day.  I am just blogging this because Anna & Zack were surprising their families with wedding photos for Christmas.  I know they were all sooooo anxious to see them and probably wondered why I didn’t have them on the blog yet, but I bet they were sure surprised with their gifts :)

There were a whole lot of things I loved about shooting this wedding and it started with Anna & the girls all getting ready at her parents home where she grew up.  It was perfect.  The girls were sipping bloody marys in the kitchen with all the cats roaming around, while her mom was offering us coffee she was brewing.  Her dad gave me the tour, sharing the history of many wonderful collections.

I will start with Anna’s dress which I photographed in her parents back yard hanging from a tree :)

anna-7anna-2anna-20 anna-47 anna-48

They were married at Unity on the plaza!anna-57 anna-70 anna-88

It was so wonderful to see how much love Zack has for his daughter :)  And she is a super cutie :)anna-82 anna-111 anna-121

Favorite alert!!!!!!!anna-129 anna-143 anna-159

You two are pretty cute :)anna-161

I LOVE this!anna-168 anna-240

Another favorite part of the day is getting to see Kaleigh and her brother A.J. !  I took both of their senior pics :)  Also, I just know I will be photographing Anna’s brother Peter & Kaleigh’s wedding someday :)  :)  :)anna-249 anna-289 anna-292 anna-311 anna-329 anna-340

Lovely ladies :)anna-378

Seriously FUN wedding party!!!!!  Also, the awesome shot on the right by my lovely assistant McKenna :)anna-388 anna-411

nice photo-bomb Zack!anna-466

Also, I was excited to shoot at Black on Burlington for the first time!  anna-469

I love speeches that make everyone laugh & cry :)anna-533 anna-609

Another super cool thing is that they and their guests were able to spin a little music themselves!anna-641 anna-583

The dancing was awesome!  Everyone was having so much fun and so happy :)anna-646



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