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It is Thanksgiving and while I am so very thankful today for my family, I am also so very thankful that I have such wonderful clients.  I have been working hard to try to get up a blog post for Lindsay & Nick for Thanksgiving so they could share with their families.  So I have  the parade on the tv and am thinking about the wonderfulness of Lindsay & Nick’s wedding day.  They were married at the Fresh Air Farm and it is such an awesome venue (plus I experienced a hot chocolate that could not be matched-had like 5 cups!).  And I was literally freaking out at the photo opportunities!!!  And let me tell you, Lindsay & Nick are GOOD at photos!  I mean REALLY GOOD at being perfectly cuddly behind the camera!!!!!

Big thanks to Jessica Moore for second shooting with me :)

Lindsay reading Nick’s letter to her :)  Super sweet :)

birchfield-13 birchfield-26 birchfield-34

I love Lindsay’s eyes!  I kept creeping closer and closer to photograph her eyes :)birchfield-113 birchfield-92

After we were all ready, we heading to the farm!


Inside the barn was a perfect spot for their first look!!!!
birchfield-145 birchfield-173 birchfield-187 birchfield-200 birchfield-183

So many favorites!!!!!birchfield-368

Hello lovely ladies!!!birchfield-246 birchfield-338 birchfield-275 birchfield-293 birchfield-302 birchfield-321 birchfield-518 birchfield-394

Loved the super cool bridal suite!!!!

Their outdoor ceremony was perfect for a beautiful fall day!birchfield-474birchfield-639

plenty of fun entertainment during the cocktail hour!birchfield-475

Gotta give some love to this gorgeous couple that I love and I photographed their wedding too :)birchfield-497

After the ceremony we had to get a few sunset photos around the farm.  The light was sooooo dreamy!!!!!!


Seriously?  How adorable are they?!?!?!


The photo booth props were AWESOME!!!

YES!!!!!  YES!!!! Cake smashing is sooooo fun to photograph :)  I was expecting this to be fun….Lindsay is kind of ornery 😉birchfield-848

The first dance was planned to have everyone surround them with sparklers.  The sparklers kind of created a crazy smoky dreamy effect.  It was almost like a movie scene :)birchfield-878 birchfield-910 birchfield-1057

The band was awesome, the lighting was awesome, the hot chocolate was awesome (did I already mention that?!?), the night was magical :)birchfield-940 birchfield-988Congratulations!!!!!  And Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!


Oh my goodness!  There were so many jaw dropping moments to Josh & Emily’s wedding day.  I was excited to be shooting a wedding on a Friday in October where the weather was still wonderful on a rooftop in the city.  The rain held off until the evening and the temperatures were perfect.  I started the day off with the girls at Hotel Phillips getting ready while my associate photographer, Nate, was hanging with the boys.  Lindsay Howes, with Simple Elegance was the planner so I  had no worries about it running smoothly :)

Josh & Emily’s ceremony was at the Rooftop Park above Cosentino’s in the Power and Light District  with their reception a block away at The Gallery.  Blue Bouquet did an incredible job with the flowers and the reception.  Walking into the reception was definitely a jaw dropping moment.  And the super cool thing is that Emily & Josh gave Blue Bouquet full creative freedom and had no idea what the reception was going to look like before they walked in!!!!!!!  And to top it off, their wedding band was Lost Wax!  If you have ever heard them, you know just how awesome the dancing and music was that night!

I am going to start with Emily’s lovely dresses!  She had a great 2nd dress for the late night dancing!!!!kropf-29 kropf-52

It is such a beautiful moment when a brides mom looks at her baby girl in her wedding dress :)kropf-81

I already knew that Josh was a got it all together kind of guy but when I saw Nate’s getting ready photos at Josh’s apartment, my suspicion was confirmed :)  He had shoes, socks, belts and watches ready for all the groomsmen!  They were ballin for sure :)
kropf-20 kropf-56

Beautiful Emily at Hotel Phillips before we left for the first look :)kropf-104

I love this because Nate and I were in this spot at two different times but both took a similar shot.  Photographers love reflections :)kropf-107

They were sooooo happy to see each other on their wedding day :)  It was really sweet :)kropf-114

What a wonderful wedding party.  They were super fun :)kropf-149

Of course the flowers were wonderful from Blue Bouquet.kropf-282

Josh & Emily are lovers of the city so Liberty Memorial was a perfect spot for photos :)
kropf-263 kropf-285 kropf-300 kropf-313 kropf-317 kropf-345

They’re pretty cute, huh?!?!kropf-327 kropf-431

There were lots of cutie kiddos :)kropf-363

Trying to get them all in one photo was actually very very funny and crazy.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  kropf-436 kropf-527 kropf-517 kropf-537 kropf-544

I really really love their expressions here.  They were meant just for each other at that exact moment.kropf-600 kropf-650

RECEPTION!!!!!!! Signature cocktails Incredible cake and groom’s cake!kropf-704

I could have posted about a bazillion more detail shots here but tried to show the awesomeness here.  The candles on the hanging shelf above the bridal table!  The tables were all set with a glass of champagne and bottles of wine.  Beatiful golds, blues and candles everywhere.  It was elegant and fanciful.  I loved it :)kropf-452 kropf-826 kropf-786

Hello Lost Wax!  We  heart you :)kropf-865 kropf-982 kropf-908

Of course I loved the night even more because I got to hang with my girl Lindsey and her hubs Jason :)  Thanks for telling Josh & Emily about me :)

kropf-947Congratulations Josh & Emily!  You may still be in Thailand reading this!


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