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Over the fourth of July weekend I had the pleasure of photographing Emily and Steve’s intimate wedding ceremony in the Loose Park rose garden.  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful union surrounded by their families.  When we left Emily’s parents house in Kansas to go to Loose Park it was raining a bit so we were a bit nervous about their outdoor ceremony but it just happened to be perfect at the park!  After the ceremony, the families all visited and took photos at the park.  Then  we went to a few favorite spots around Kansas City for some photos.  Everyone met back up at Lidia’s for a wonderful dinner and reception!  It was so beautiful!!!!!!   I will start with Emily’s beautiful dress!

emily-6 emily-57 emily-17

haha, this was super cute.emily-46

It was such a sweet moment when Emily’s dad first saw his baby girl in her dress :)emily-95

Goooooodness!  Emily was such a stunning bride!!!emily-123

Favorite tie alert!!!!!emily-135 emily-163 emily-165 emily-186 emily-205 emily-332

It was quite windy and Emily’s veil had a mind of it’s own, lol!!!emily-356 emily-486 emily-548

The cake was so pretty and it reminded me of the layers in Emily’s dress!  Lindsay with Paneche Events did a wonderful job with the decorations!!
emily-493 emily-509 emily-564 emily-643 emily-661 emily-703


Congratulations and thank you for letting me document such a wonderful celebration!!!!!

Kara & Tommy’s wedding day was one to remember.  I will remember that when Kara laughs everyone laughs and smiles right with her~impossible not to.  When Kara laughs, Tommy’s eyes reflect happiness.  Being able to spend a day documenting someones story and emotions is such a privilege.  And it certainly was wonderful being able to do so for Tommy & Kara and their families.  I know that I smiled, laughed and even cried along the day and even while editing the photos~esp. during the father/daughter dance.  You will see why in a bit 😉

I am going to tell the story a bit while showing photos :)

Also, I want to give a shout out to Melissa Pfannenstiel, for helping me photograph the day and Mike Tsai rocking the video :)

I started with the girls getting ready while Melissa went to photograph the guys getting ready!  How awesome is the glass the girls were drinking mimosas from?!  I am kind of crazy about pretty glassware :)


All of the nieces and nephews were sooooo cute and sweet!  And I had to include one of Miss Drew Proud~makeup artist extraordinaire~rocking the baby bump :)kara-24 kara-44

Kara had no idea that her mom and dad had a limo ready to take all of the girls to the church.  Her reaction was AWESOME!!!kara-68 kara-120

I had to wait until we arrived at the church to see the dress and Oh My Goodness!!!!!!  Love!kara-128 kara-170

Kara’s dad seeing her in her wedding dress and his gift to her was such a sweet moment :)kara-182

Another wonderful moment was when Tommy first saw his bride walking down the aisle.    He was happy to say the least 😉

kara-245 kara-300

Yay!  They are married!  After the ceremony we hit the town for some fun photos!kara-401 kara-447 kara-476 kara-440

Goodness greatness~handsome groom~beautiful bride!kara-498

I LOVE these!  I can just here that laugh :)kara-525 kara-534 kara-674

Favorite alert!!!!!!  At least one of them :)kara-676

Ok, this one too :)kara-705 kara-723

And off to the reception at the Overland Park Convention Center!!!  How cute are the veggie shooters!!!kara-759 kara-898

Did I mention that Kare has 3 older brothers and Tommy has 3 sisters?!?!  Well, the brothers and sisters cut in on the father/daughter dance and mother/son dance.  Kara had no idea her brothers were doing that and oh my gosh, I was totally photographing with tears in my eyes as well as my 2nd photographer!  Good thing we still got the photos in focus 😉kara-925 kara-933 kara-953

And then the party was kicking!  Lots of really fun dancing!  Any future patrons to weddings I am shooting, you must know, if you end up shirtless on the dance floor~you will be on the blog :)  :)kara-1019

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